Sunday, July 20, 2008

My career in passwords

Resign12 - I quit
Theroc12 - Wrestling's the Rock influenced this one, I have no idea why. Might be due to Southland Tales being seen in the HMV sale
Hestap12 - Hesta Pryn from the hottest girl rappers the world has ever seen - Northern State
Yogaba12 - Don't know what this word is. Perhaps wii fit/yoga related?
Tegans12 - Going to the Tegan and Sara gig
Howard12 - Went to the Russell Howard gig. He was much funnier than Simon Amstell
Longbl12 - Gillen was going on about the Long Blondes new album. Still haven't listened to it
Dorkie12 - Inspired by the "Buh bye Dork" "Buh bye Doofus" sign off that CC & I have over MSN
Emygrt12 - Off to see Emmy The Great at ULU
Camson12 - Rebecca Camson was someone who popped up on telly
Champi12 - Forest got promoted by a set of bizarre circumstances, they weren't champions though. Perhaps I meant Borussia Monchengladbach
Ebisue12 - Ebisu, my favourite tune out of all the Tokyo JR line stations (the 3rd Man Theme)
Munich12 - Went to Munich for my Aunt's birthday
Feisty12 - Was listening to Feist's new album
Baysta12 - Inspired by the mediocre but great Baseball team the Yokohama Bay Stars
Pipete12 - We must have been to see the Pipette's around then. I'm not a fan of Rosay and Riot Becki's replacements. Sure they may be brunette's, but they're more leggings in TopShop brunettes rather than Cardigans in TopShop brunettes
Stefyr12 - Yes, we must have as Stefy was supporting. Went off her when I realised she had a tattoo
Tomnok12 - Named after the evil overlord of Animal Crossing
Benson12 - I finally met up with my favourite member of the Scooby Gang. She looked unhealthily thin
Jenpen12 - Jenny Penny was on showing off some graffiti by Lohan slagging off Scarlett Johansson
Stacyk12 - Stacy Keibler was famous for having long legs. This is enough for me. I'm getting into my cute girl stage
Nusuck12 - But offset it having a quiet moan about work. That's sticking it to the man!
Portman12 - I think I'd been to see Closer with Freya. Didn't make either of us feel very good
Elisha12 - Elisha Cuthbert was probably on the front cover of Dear Departed Hotdog then
Stirli12 - Daughter of Diana Rigg. I actually fell for Rachael when she photgraphed in the Daily Express, well before Tipping The Velvet
Petrah12 - I think I'd downloaded Petra Sings The Who Sell Out and got back on a Petra tip. I quite like how Tanya Haden (Jack Black's wife) voiced the rabbit who swooned for the Kung Fu Panda
Jendar12 - Thought this was inspired by misremembering Jo Dark from P Dark turns out it was actually someone else
Gldbch12 - Best team in Germany. Perhaps I'd been to see the new stadium
Jamdol12 - The UK Frag Dolls have just died. The redheaded Jam was my favourite, the cartoon version even beats Jessica Rabbit
Sarhyb12 - I had a desk calendar of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Babes, my favourite was Daniela Sarahyba. We did think Fernanda Motta was a man though
Jakidg12 - Jakki Degg was my favourite Page 3 girl, but then she got a dodgy tattoo
Fishel12 - I have no idea when Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World is a password. Perhaps I saw some pics on Hushspace before I was properly with Freya (think around Stacyk)
Schatz12 - Although I had met up with her around here as her nickname had been coined
Rentals1 - Must have been listening to Barcelona
Forest12 - Worst football team ever
Alize123 - Best French girl singing about a bath ever
Dushku12 - Best PVC catsuit ever. Can't wait for Dollhouse
Jenlew12 - Sweetest voice ever. Nice winking action too
Skalet12 - Worst tattoo ever. I'm sure at this point in time I had no idea of the horrors that were to be unleashed
Rivers12 - Weezer influenced
Sverko12 - Pro Evolution Soccer star striker (before I got Baumjohann)
Bright12 - (I Hate) Conor played in Leeds & had Rilo Kiley supporting him
Rilkil12 - I preferred Rilo Kiley

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