Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've found my soldier girl...

...she's so far away - she makes my head spin around.

Yesterday was quite a major culinary event in my short life - for the first time I had a meal without any meat in. Now I know that sounds weird but my family are big meat eaters and this was a large risk that I was taking.

But I liked it. Sure it wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible. I had pasta with tomato sauce & vegatables and I ate it all.

Wonders will never cease.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Time... never time enough...

So I've been in London over the past week. Erm, started off well but then went very bad as I'm sure you've heard about.

Let's start with the good stuff first. Freya & I checked into our room (right by Kings Cross) and then set off to meet my brother - who was coming in from Cambridge. We then walked up to Camden Town met Tom's friend Alex and then set off to see Rilo Kiley.

As expected Rilo Kiley were excellent. They didn't have much to say but the music was just sublime. They played pretty much everything off their last two albums. Where we were stood was right by the front near where the Lovely Jenny Lewis sang. I think she looked at Freya & I at least once that night. Plus she was wearing a Very short skirt so when she streched you could see her knickers. I was very impressed. Not as impressed as I was with Blake's dodgy 'tache though.

Unfortunately I didn't realise that Metropolis were promoting the gig. If I had I could've spoken to Uncle Andy who knows someone who works for Metropolis I could've got backstage to meet with the Lovely Jenny. Freya could've also met Pierre's cute daughter that he brought out for the final sing-a-long.

So then on Wednesday I got to tell Freya my surprise which was that I had got tickets to go and see Nigella Lawson film her new chat show. Freya was very impressed by this so I was annoyed when we got turned away because it already full.

However we went to Covent Garden and then on the Millenium Eye and had a lovely day together. The Millenium Eye was really nice, will post the pics from there later.

Then on Thursday the bombs went off in the underground. The weird thing was that even though we were staying about two minutes from where a bomb went off we couldn't hear anything.

The street our hotel was on was cordoned off and we had to stay an extra day in London - when the main thing we wanted to do was get the hell out of there. At least we were ok, many others weren't.

Hopefully our next holiday in Malta will be a lot quieter.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I can do the frug

I can do the robocop, I can do the Freddie, I cannot do the Smurf (she cannot do the Smurf).

Last time I was on here I was about to see Rilo Kiley supporting Bright Eyes and now I'm off to see Rilo Kiley again. My lord it's been a while since I've been on here.

Not much to report. Did accounting exams, results later this month. Freya still hasn't got bored of me and is still going out with me. In fact we're going to London tomorrow to see RK.

Will write more and renovate later this week.

I promise.