Friday, November 30, 2007

NBPM 30: End

So this is it. I no longer have to write for the sake of writing. Whenever I do NaBloPoMo I always feel like some of my posts were written just for the sake of it, but some of them were rather good. Mostly the ones where I kept it to one paragraph, or had pictures of Jenny Lewis and Emmy The Great.

Either way I've realise that you have to keep blogging for it to be interesting. And for you to keep thinking of new things to blog about. Which was lucky that I saw lots of bands, bumped into people I hadn't seen for a while and became a Marketeer.

With regards to being a Marketeer it looks as though I'm working for someone who went to my old school (although at least ten years before I went there) and also my friend from the Larry David Meal will be working there as well. Now this should be interesting as we've not really spoken to each other since the incident apart from the odd "Hello" to each other. At least he seems relatively happy to see me whereas a year ago he looked as though I had shat on his cereal.

So Marketeering promises to be fun. And I can always work in my old team if I really want to. Or even go elsewhere. The world is my Oyster card! Hoorah!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NBPM 29: Pods

That's it. I've had enough of Danny Baker. He was reasonably amusing on his All Day Breakfast Show, but the constant repetition of the same stories and anecdotes got on my wick. I also don't rate Amy Lame and Baylen Leonard that much either.

However when I heard he had restarted his footy shows with Danny Kelly I thought I'd give them a go. And I enjoyed them, but again I've reached my limit. They had some nonsense where they were drawing teams out a hat and renaming them as another team (so Bolton became Man City). This went on for about twenty minutes and Baker found it hilarious. Kelly seemed to notice that it wasn't actually that interesting and said "We'll edit this", but Baker overruled.

The thing is the punters he has on both shows have really interesting stories, but Baker just has to give his example of the story everytime someone starts telling their own. It just stops the flow. And there's only so many times you can repeat one joke ("I agree" - A Escobar).

In other podcast news:
  • I tried listening to the 1up yours podcast again. Managed to download the latest one. Was just under three hours. Got bored after 45 minutes after they'd spent half of that time going on about the differences between Manhunt and Manhunt 2*.
  • Wrestlecrap radio is still excellent.
  • My ann art entry got read out on onelifeleft. I was wrong as I expected.
* Something about story V plot.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NBPM 28: Onwards

Today was probably the longest I've ever worked for a long while. And what did I do in that 9 - 6:30 stretch? Erm, collect coats mostly.

I helped out at the Finance Conference which I meant I became a meeter and greeter, a glass collector, a cloakroom attendant and an official timekeeper (but not sponsored by Zurich). And I feel absolutely worn out.

It has made clear that what I've been feeling before when I've said I was tired is not proper tiredness. What I'm feeling now is worn out tiredness, every other time it's been spaced out tiredness. I need a day off.

Although I guess you could have counted today as a day off as I wasn't at my desk fiddling around with databases.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NBPM 27: Teeth

As well as still having bouts of exceptional tiredness during the day my teeth now hurt. I feel as though I have to clench them together to stop them hurting. I believe that this may be A Bad Thing.

I will see if I can book an appointment with my dentist sometime next month.

Monday, November 26, 2007

NBPM 26: Pre Pay Day

Tomorrow is pay day and I'm very happy for it to be so as I'm broke. Apart from the money I have saved in my ISA (which is to be saved towards buying a house/xbox 360). And the credit card I have (although I don't use that apart from online purchases). And the
joint account (which I am most definitely not touching). And the savings account (which is to save towards the wedding). And the interest free overdraft (which I might have to dip into).

Anyway for this month and December I'm going to have to cut down on any unnecessary expenses. Which pretty much means no magazines for me. I never seem to buy anything else during the month.

Clothes? I still have shirts from when I was in sixth form so I don't need any new ones for a while. CDs? I've put the new CDs I want on my Christmas list, and I think the only one I wanted was the new Donnas album. Games? I have about 12 games I still have to play & adding any new ones seems a bit silly. It's for this reason I've held off buying a 360. Why should I get one when I can play TF2 on my PC*?

I think the main reason I'm broke is I've been paying for a few expensive unexpected things. The flight to Germany. The new ipod (which won't update on The trip to London. Hopefully the next few months should be easier on my pocket. Except my £200+ CIMA fees are expected by January... Bah.

* Answer: Because it keeps crashing on your buggy PC. Although at least my PC will reboot - I'm still worried about these red light of death the 360 has.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

NBPM 25: Quit

After my first ever go on Team Fortress 2 where I wandered around without really knowing what I was doing, but having a lot of fun nonetheless, I've played it two more times.

In the first (second?) go it finally clicked. I started to play as the pyro and actually managed to steal the opponents intelligence and bring it back to the base. I even set some enemies alight and laughed heartily at their smoldering corpses.

I even got so good that for one round I became the best player ever. The only annoying thing was that the game never seemed to end. Apparently it was the first to three. But only in the darts sense of the word. Getting three only meant that you had won one 'leg'. And you had to get to five legs. After half an hour it was 3-2 on legs. It was time for tea. But I couldn't find the quit button. So I gave up and turned off my PC.

When I logged on for my third (second?) go I noticed that Steam hadn't recorded my excellent results from when I was the Pyro. Bah.

And this time around I was much worse. Perhaps it was because my Pyro worked much better in the smaller map of the previous competition. Or maybe it was because this map was a capture the territory map rather than capture the flag. Or maybe I was playing much better people.

At least this time I had worked out why I couldn't quit before. I hadn't defined a quit key in the menu (thanks Valve for not giving this option in the first place!) so I chose ' . There wasn't much point to have done this as my PC decided to crash. Which meant that my stats for this go weren't recorded either.

So I've given up on TF2. Not because I'm rubbish. But because my PC is. Or Steam is. Or Valve are. Or Something.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NBPM 24: Honeymoon

Have I already used 'Honeymoon' as a Blog title? Who cares!

Anyway with most of our watabe wedding planned & booked (aside from the photographer who has yet to return our calls) we are trying to think of places to go for our honeymoon. We have four possible options:
  • Lake District - Will be by the lake in a log cabin, with all modcons. Has a hottub. Is in England so weather is likely to be rubbish. Self catering.
  • Isle of Wight - Has a four poster bed. Bed & Breakfast only. Will take a long time to get there by train. Perhaps not much to do there.
  • Greece - Definitely will be hot. Some places offer good upgrades for honeymooners. Quite expensive.
  • Turkey - Surprisingly cheap. All the holidays we've seen appear to be all-inclusive. Could make me very fat. Might be exceptionally hot (even for early June).

I still have no idea which one I want to go to. But I do like the sound of all-inclusive.

Friday, November 23, 2007

NBPM 23: Party

I'm writing this having just come back from a party. I've realised that I'm not terribly sociable.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

NBPM 22: Joy

Despite this month being the month of gigs* I've bought absolutely no CDs to listen to. Except I have just received a CD in the post that I had ordered, but can't listen to until next month.

Of course I'm referring to Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas box set. I have no problems in recommending it as Sufjan has never let me down in the past. The other reason why I'd recommend it is the sheer amount of stuff you get with it.

The list goes like this:
  • 5 CDs with 42 songs
  • A CD liner with lots of Christmassy stuff (photos, notes, lyrics & chords)
  • A Quicktime video on one of the CDs
  • A comic strip
  • Stickers
  • Lots of Christmas cheer
Just by this CD arriving in the post has made me very excited for Christmas next month. And I don't think I've been excited about Chrimble since last millenium.

Also it smells amazing.

* I even decided not to go to see the New Pornographers, the Warlocks and Scout Niblett because I've spent too much seeing bands in November

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NBPM 21: Jenny

Ergh. That last blog was sent via hotmail and I apologise for how it looks. Apparently formatting does count.

I went to Rilo Kiley yesterday and they were excellent. The new songs, which I've not been a huge fan of (although my brother and Freya like it immensely) sounded much better in a live environment when compared to the too pristine album.

It was also good to see Boris again as he wasn't at the last gig in Leeds I went to (Los Campesinos! if I remember correctly), although he wasn't able to get much pelvis thrusting going to many of Rilo's songs. One thing that slightly upset me was that there wasn't much chatting from the group. I always prefer it more when the band talk to you as it think it makes more of a connection.

The exception to the chatting rule was Blake. He's just an annoying person. I'm not sure why but anything he says rubs me up the wrong way. I think he's rather arrogant and that makes me not like him.

Other than that the best gig of the month in terms of music (especially the version of I Never, which is now a shoe-in to be our wedding dance song). Emmy was a close second, but she was better in terms of overall atmosphere.

And Jenny had cowbell which I think is to music what cake is to videogames:

More cowbell!

The other other thing I noticed was that there's a lack of bands that smile in their songs. The support band Grand Ole Party were very good, but all the singer did was scream her lyrics. I think I need a new band that smile whilst singing. The Pipettes are a good example of a smiling band (especially RiotBecki). But even pop groups nowadays frown rather than smile, Girls Aloud are definite frowners, and whilst Lily Allen sings about smiling she seems grumpy too. I've not really thought my theory through, but could you all cheer up please? KTHXBYE

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NBPM 20: Laziness

To: BH
I take it due to your squeamish nature and general lack of interest in tats that you don't watch LA ink with the lovely Kat Von D?
She tattooed stevo with a picture of himself as a two year old! He is mad!
From: BH
To: RG
I did see a clip of Miami Ink where they were interviewing for a new person. They seemed really surprised at one applicant - mostly because they had been to college! I wouldn't normally watch it - hate needles and anything where the skin gets pierced.
Played my first game of Team Fortress 2 last night. Didn't have a clue what was going on. It was one of the best games I've ever played!
Started off in this base. Walked out got killed straight away by a sniper! The screen then zoomed in on the person who killed me. Then I respawned as a medic as I thought I could do well as a healer, except I didn't realise that I had to choose the healing gun. So all I was doing was shooting at my colleagues. Eventually I worked it out and chose the correct weapon.
Then someone started shouting for a medic so I went over to help him. But then I realised he had the same name as me so it must have been a spy! I started chasing after him but had some sort of cloaking device and disappeared. Someone started firing at me & I realised the spy was right next to me so I got my medical knife out and got him!
Near the end of the game I was healing a soldier who was going into the enemy base, but he died so I was in there all alone. Somehow I managed to get the flag and was just about to get to our teleport when someone killed me.
You've got to get the Orange Box for your 360! Half Life 2 is ok, but Portal and TF2 are amazing!
From: RG
To: BH
I will get it this Friday although my 360 is being picked up from downstairs today so will be without it for a while! I have heard good things about TF2, I take it I can see you on there as it is PC and 360?
I think Portal will be to hard for me but might be good with a few people putting ideas together?!
I am off next week so hoping the 360 is back before the weeks out, I have to buy xmas presents and get the first bit of my tat done and get GH3 although I have seen that for £55 which is good!

From: BH
To: RG
Unfortunately you can't play 360 V PC. I think it's only Shadowrun & Halo2 where you can do that & you have to pay a subscription for it on the PC, which is a rip-off when TF2 is free! When I get a 360 I'll definitely get the Orange Box to play you at TF2.
Portal is single-player only but it's pretty easy to work out what to do. You shouldn't get stuck for too long! It only takes about 4-5 hours to complete but it's well worth it.
I would be playing TF2 tonight but I'm off to another gig! I think that's the fourth I've been to this month - no wonder I'm broke!

Monday, November 19, 2007

NBPM 19: Terrorvision

So I went to the Terrorvision gig. Quick review - it's as though they never left! By which I mean I remember why I didn't really like them. And now all I can do is remember that dodgy song they did with Saffron from Republica.

Anyway the main thing about that gig on Saturday was that I bumped into Smelly Tors:

tors' ear

Smelly Tors went to college with Emma, my flatmate at the time. I kind of fancied her & it was weird to bump into her after four years of her being away at Uni. But I didn't fancy her anymore. She seemed exactly the same as when I last saw her, so what had changed? Presumably me. Weird.

(Sorry but I couldn't really think of a way to write this any better. Call this a return to poor writing form)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

NBPM 18: Kuhund

So I'm typing this on my laptop which now no longer takes twenty minutes to start up. Now it only takes about two. This was done by me wiping the hard-drive and installing everything from scratch.

As is usually the case I had a quick spell of backing everything up and then, when the formatting was taking place I worried about whether I actually did back everything up. Usually I don't forget anything but I did have one bad incident a while back.

I deleted the kuhund.

The kuhund was a screensaver based on then German kids TV presenter/singer now German home improvements TV presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes. The screensaver consisted of one thing which was an animated drawing of a dog/cow hybrid. It was very basic and very repetitive. However I loved it and was very upset to have deleted it. Sad face.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

NBPM 17: Crappy

I've been really rubbish today, done hardly any of the jobs around the house I wanted to do. In fact there's still some boxes full of Gamesmaster videos and stuff I ripped out of Arcade magazine that I need to get rid of. The other main thing I will do tomorrow is reformat the laptop, as it currently takes about 20 minutes to fully load up due to the crap I put on there.

In other crappy news I'm listening to this weeks Wrestlecrap radio which is easily the best podcast I listen to regularly. It's got many in-jokes and I love in-jokes. It is just two guys making each other laugh (or Krankor laugh) which in turn makes me laugh. Much more than that Vic Reeves thing on Radio 2 today.

The final crappy thing in this blog today? I will be going to see Terrorvision tonight. That is all, I read you every day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

NBPM 16: Early

So last Thursday I went to see Kurt Wagner at York's Early Music Centre. It's a pretty weird venue considering it is pretty much an old church with lots of pillars in the way. It's even weirder if the only time you've been there before is to take your accounting exams.

Because I was going with my Uncle, and he might not have been able to make the start time, I called beforehand to see if there was going to be a support act. I was assured there wasn't
so told him to rush to the venue.

So I was surprised to see Hayley Hutchinson start off the proceedings. She had a good singing voice, but the songs didn't really go anywhere. I always hate songs where you can kind of guess the next line and a lot of hers were like that.

Then the lights went out and Kurt started singing from the back of the church before reaching the front. The thing I like about Kurt's voice is it's not really singing, it's more of a soothing kind of talking voice with a hint of melody. And all of his songs at the gig showed that off.

He seemed to be relying on notes for all of his songs. Well, at the end of each song he would put a sheet onto a washing line and then rotate it along. Apparently he was trying to "replicate a paper curtain". I liked the curtain, it fits in with his homespun style.

Other than that it was very good songs played very well. I really am a rubbish reviewer.

One bad thing was that Kurt was offering two CDs to buy. One was a solo CD and the other was a Live CD. Both cost ten pounds which I thought was a bit of a ripoff as they were only in cardboard sleeves. And I only had a tenner anyway.

Kurt did sign the solo CD I bought and seemed a really nice bloke. At least he couldn't mess up the signing...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBPM 15: Physical Challenge

I have real problem spelling NBPM correctly. For some reason I always seem to start with NM which is not right. Ah well, only sixteen more days to go. I'll have perfected it by then.

Today's blog is about fitness. I've been playing squash against Natalie from work for a good few months now & I'm really starting to enjoy it. In the beginning our games were pretty rubbish as we'd both be content with merely hitting it over the line. Then we progressed into doing good shots, but being rather rubbish in following them up. Now we can do good shots and even return them as well causing some well contested rallies.

If I have a fault it's that I'm too reliant on the 'tap' shot where it only just bounces in play & I think Natalie's starting to cotton on to it. The other problem is I'm still very lazy and will often just stand after hitting the ball rather than move into a useful position.

However my conclusion is: If you appear to be crap at something stick at it and you might get good at it. I'm hoping one day this will become true with my blog.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NBPM 14: Revision

What I did instead of revision for my FPC exam:

I thought about Portal a lot. I passed the exam but I think that was more down to it being multiple choice rather than any work I did.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NBPM 13: Forgetfulness

Hmmm. I'm annoyed. I did have a good title for this blog which rather neatly linked to what I was going to write about, but I've now forgotten both the title and what I was going to write. So that's that sketch knackered then. My forgetfulness could be due to the fact that I've been listening to The Donnas on repeat for half an hour. The Donnas are very good, but they're not really music to aid memory.

I'm also annoyed that my new ipod totally fails to upload itself into like it's supposed to. For some reason the 'smart' playlist fails to record any new songs I've played since Help The Aged. So my profile appears sparse and does not have any mention of me listening to Flight Of The Conchords throughout lunch today.

I also forgot to mention in my Emmy post yesterday that there was one annoying thing about Emmy's set. There was a person who instead of clapping decided to click his fingers instead. I have no idea why someone would do this, but he found it a worthy replacement.

Other than that I am getting annoyed about forgetting what I wanted to write about. Oh and I keep forgetting to get my watch battery replaced as it's continually five to nine for me. Yes! That was what I was meant to write about. The theme was forgetfulness, but 'Five to Nine' would have been slightly more wittier than forgetfulness.

Not worth the wait that.

Now the only other thing I need to remember to do is buy the new Donnas album. Or put it on my Christmas list. Which I've forgotten to write.

Monday, November 12, 2007

NBPM 12: Emmy

Perhaps it's time for me to talk about the Emmy The Great gig at Kings College London. Yes I think that will do for today's blog.

Pic courtesy of acb as all my pics came out blurry

This was my first time to see Emmy and I was rather excited. I had been listening to her various demo's and official stuff (see itunes) for quite a few months and became rather smitten with her singing.

I knew the day was going to be rather special as Freya & I rather randomly bumped into someone that we had met in Japan and was good friends with my brother. This kind of chance meeting could only happen if the gig was going to turn out nice. Then Andrea, my friend from Uni, showed up so we decided to go to the venue.

After waiting 20 minutes for the venue to open (stupid seetickets printed dodgy tix that said it would open at 7pm) we got inside to be told that the Student Union is on the fourth floor and it would be best to get the lift. So we waited for the lift. When it opened Emmy was already in there trying to look inconspicuous. After we got out I asked Freya & Andrea if they noticed Emmy. They did not.

Freya did talk to Emmy slightly when buying a tshirt. All I did was say "Can I have a CD?". I am useless talking to people I like.

The first band - the Wave Pictures - were alright but didn't set my ears racing. I did like that they had a song about Loughborough, but it didn't mention Brett Davids or The Left Legged Pineapple so I lost interest. I also liked how the bass guitarist had absolutely no pitch at all when singing backing vocals, much like I do when singing hymns at church.

Then on came Effi Briest. They were an all girl band which is usually a sign that I'd like them. But I didn't. Their songs went on too long and didn't really get going. Kind of a Mogwai-ish band and I never really got into Mogwai. Sorry indie kids. The first song was very strange with the lead singer pretty much miaowing into the microphone whilst sat on a stool with her legs wide open. However, they did have a squeezebox player which is a big plus.

Then came Emmy. Except first Young Husband came out to play a few songs, which were very nice and I will subscribe to his newsletter. Except he had to cut his short because they were already near curfew. Apparently they all got stuck in the lift which is why they were slightly late (this was later confirmed by seeing an out of order on one of the lifts).

So then Emmy started playing. And then singing. And all was wonderful*.

Except Freya felt dizzy near the end and had to sit down. But we could still hear (and slightly see) what was going on so we didn't miss out on much.

According to Emmy's myspace blog this was the best gig she's ever done. So I doubt I will go and see her again as she's bound to be worse next time.

* I realise that this is a very poor review, but it was just great. I don't think I can explain it better without going down Superlative Alley. Which is highly boring.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

NBPM 11: Objection!

After my fake legal troubles yesterday I've started playing the second Phoenix Wright game. It's pretty much the same as it's predecessor, but with one change to the main game. I would have no problems in recommending it to anyone but I would advise said person to play the first game first.

By the end of the first chapter of the first case it already refers to cases in the first game. In the second case a character shows up who keeps talking about the earlier case you met her on. So if you play the second game cold you're going to have fun, but you aren't going to understand a lot.

It's the same with Serenity/Firefly. Whilst I could imagine that if I watched Serenity without having seen it's predecessor Firefly I would have enjoyed it, it does make a lot more sense watching the TV series first. And then the comic as well.

It got me thinking, what videogames and films could you play a sequel without having played/seen it's earlier version and not having any loss of enjoyment. The easy option would be Burnout or any other car racing game. Or FIFA and Pro Evo. But I'm talking about those games with plots, obv.

I think you could get away with playing Halo 2 before Halo, but I reckon it would help if you played the first Halo first. Only because the plot in Halo 2 is so rubbish that by having played Halo 1 you will have enough goodwill from that to make you keep playing Halo 2 to the end without giving up in annoyance.

In films, as with anything, my choice would be the Evil Dead films. You can watch them in any order. Mostly because each film remakes the earlier films in the first fifteen minutes. Also because each film is in a totally different style to the other films. Evil Dead I? Out and out horror. Evil Dead II? Horror/Comedy. Army of Darkness? Action/Adventure.

The only game I can think of that has changed it's style to such a similar effect is Resident Evil, whose fourth game (in terms of numbers) has changed from survival horror to action horror. I'm sure there's other ones I can think of, but I'm tired and need to sleep.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

NBPM 10: YouSued

Well it turns out I wasn't actually threatened with legal action. All that happened was that my Dad wanted a clip I put on youtube of him drunkenly singing New York whilst in Japan to be removed.

Apparently it wouldn't be the done thing to have a videoclip of a senior union member having some fun on a holiday whilst not on union business. I felt he was being a bit of a wimp, but I can see where he's coming from. As his union work is a massive subsidied skive and if I were him I wouldn't want to throw any of that away.

See not only does my Dad only have to work 39 weeks of the year, but by doing union 'work' he's managed to reduce the days he has to work from five to three. And I wonder where I get my skiving gene from.

In other news I'm still unsure if my move from Finance to Marketing is the best thing. Whilst I've been doing absolutely nothing that uses my CIMA qualification* I'm not sure if I fancy being in Marketing. For one, I don't look that good with a goatee. Also if I realise it's a bad move it might be harder to get another accounting job when my CV says 'Marketing' on it. And I have a goatee.

* Oh in Other Other news I am now a fully qualified accountant and can have some initials after my name. Once I remember what the initials are.

Friday, November 09, 2007

NMBP 9: Legalities

I would like to actually do a proper blog today. However due to sinister legal threats* I feel it best to maintain a quiet front today.

* I will explain tomorrow

Thursday, November 08, 2007

NBPM 8: Short

Freya & I are back from two days in London. We managed to go the whole trip without using the tube (or any kind of transport) once.

I think this means the terrorists won. Or something.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NBPM 7c: Sleevies

Third attempt. I don't think my mobile likes returns. Anyway, Emmy & Terracota good. Effi Briest oboe cute but bad music. Finger clicking instead of clapping very bad. Explanation tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NBPM 6a: Travel2

I'm not sure if I sent the other blog correctly so here's a filler one. I hope we find our hotel without getting lost.

Monday, November 05, 2007

NBPM 5b : Shorter

Actually, after having said in my blog sent by mobile phone that I would be writing a lot more, I've decided I can't be bothered.

I can exclusively reveal that I've been told my job is moving departments so I will no longer be in Finance and will instead be in Marketing. I have no idea if this is good or not.

NBPM 5a : mobile

As I will be in London over the next three days I need to see if I can do some mobile blogging. This entry is a test to see if this will work.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

NBPM4 : Patricia Etiquette

In blogging, as with everything I do, I do a half arsed job. Whilst I'm perfectly competent in writing hugely self indulgent rambling blogs about how I feel tired all the time* and how I don't understand why people play music really loud on trains, I never do the other part of the job well.

I never promote myself.

Sure, I've signed up to NaBloPoMo, but do you know how many comments I've posted on my fellow Blomers blogs? Well I expect you can guess as this post is about me not doing stuff, but I'll confirm your bang-on suspicions. It's zero.

I have no reason why I don't comment. Other than I'm extremely lazy. And I have problems thinking of something witty to say. On Friday I had to sign someone's leaving card** only to spend about 20 minutes totally at a loss for something to say. And then when I did think of something I got totally sidetracked and put in a word that made the whole sentence lose it's tarpaulin rhythm.

I will try to promote myself a bit better in the future. Online and off. Especially a pay review comes up in the new year and Daddy needs a 360. And a honeymoon.

* Except I haven't today, as I actually felt alright.

** Actually I was signing her leaving card in front of the person who was leaving. Mostly because there were only three people in her team and she wanted me to sign it. I think she fancies me. She added about 50 kisses after my name too. I hope she doesn't fling this in Freya face when the registrar gets to the 'does anyone object to the marriage' bit.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

NBPM3: Kopfschmerzen

As well as feeling tired I now have a stinking headache. Even worse it's one where headache/ibuprofen tablets are unable to help.

As it's Freya's birthday today I am taking her to a Japanese restaurant where they serve vegetable tempura. Then we will be going to see Stardust at the local cinema which has conveniently decided to start showing it this week, even though it's been out for about a month.

I will be trying to not scrunch my eyes up thus showing I still have a headache.

Friday, November 02, 2007

NBPM2: Bloodloss

So I went to the doctors. It went as expected, apart from that because he was German he was very honest about what he could diagnose.

"Well, you feel tired, but you don't have a loss of appetite, you don't have headaches, you don't have shortness of breath or anything else I asked you about. What do you want me to do?"

I have to admit saying "I feel tired, my head feels treacly" isn't much for him to go on.

We got onto the depression thing which frankly makes me feel depressed that they keep asking me that. Do I really look that glum?

He took some blood and will be testing if I'm anaemic, diabetic or something else.

"The problem is if I take your blood and the results come back negative will you worry more that you've got something else that it didn't pick up?"

Probably. I am going through a bout of hypochondria at the moment.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

NBPM1: Tiredness

For some reason I agreed to sign up to NaBloPoMo again, which means you'll get a whole month of me writing rubbish stuff. Except for this first entry I'm going to write about me feeling tired.

It's terrible but I'm feeling tired all the time. It's especially bad on weekends when I just want to take naps instead of going out for walks with Freya. The problem is I don't feel physically tired, it's more that my head feels totally muddled and it needs to have a lie down.

It's especially bad because when you go to the doctor you complain about feeling tired and their first conclusion is stress. Except I generally leave work by half four, have probably the skiviest job ever and don't ever feel worried about work. So maybe it's my diet, this could be true but I think my diet's probably the healthiest it's ever been. I don't eat as much meat as I used to, but I doubt that has a big effect.

So I'm going to the doctors tomorrow for another non-diagnosis. Hopefully he will prescribe cake.