Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snoozeville, ZZ

I'm exceptionally tired today. Admittedly, I could be a very poor attempt to not have to do any revision for my first ever highly important Insurance Exam. However as it's multiple choice I've fooled myself into I can bluff it.

The reason why I'm tired is not because of the Los Campesinos! gig, as I got back at about 11pm from that. It's also not because I stayed up a bit later to watch the Peter Serafinowicz Show I recorded. No it was because the idiot students next door played music next door until 12.40pm. Although I don't think it was music as all I could hear was one bass note being played repeatedly.

Either way it makes it hard to go to sleep.

Luckily the baby who lives in the other house next door is currently behaving so I had a lie-in until 8.

What's happened to me? I used to be able to sleep until at least 10 every Saturday & Sunday. Now I seem to wake up incredibly early no matter how tired I felt when going to sleep the day before. Which means my weekends are now filled with me walking around the house feeling too tired to even go for a walk to the park with Freya. Bah.

Oh and for regular readers who are wondering why they didn't notice the two posts below before, it because I've only just put them up. I was trialling wordpress' blogging software to see how good it was. As I've now written on here I think you can guess how I found it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fointy Pinger

I have managed to trap my left middle finger in the door. Along with burning it on the George Foreman grill yesterday. I am now uneasy as to what will happen to it tomorrow.

I may just chop it off to save any bother. This would also make doing the Vulcan hand signal a lot easier.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Burger Time Deluxe

Burger! Burger!

So I took my good friend Rachel out for lunch yesterday. Being a true gentleman I allowed her to pick where we were going. She fancied a burger. Luckily there was a new Gormet Burger place to go to, so we'd thought we'd give it a try.

I got a little worried as we approached as I could see a minster fm sign in the window. They weren't doing a live show in there were they? Luckily they weren't, but there was a guy with a microphone who I guess would be interviewing people.

Rachel & I were shown to a table, sat down and ordered some drinks. We were told our table number (perhaps they should've put it on the table) and then directed to the counter where we could place our food order. Eh? Couldn't the waitress who took our drink order take our food order? Apparently not.

So I ordered the food and as I went to pay I was told not to bother because as I was one of the first twenty-five customers at the restaurant they were paying for it. Cleverly they didn't do this before I ordered as then I would've ordered two lots of chips (at two quid each!!!), and probably some extra sauce (at 1 pound 75 pence each!!!!) as well.

The burgers came out and they were very nice. My lamb burger was very meaty, too big to eat using your hands so you had to use cutlery (which never feels right with a burger). The chips were good, reasonable portions and tasted like school chips (which is A Good Thing). One bad thing was that the minty relish they used was very vingary but - hey!! - it was free so why am I complaining?

The free meal was obviously a ploy to get us to tell everyone about the restaurant which I did, but I included with the caveat that it was good for free, but at eight quid for a burger and no chips? Nein danke.

On a related note, the thing I learnt from QI was that the German national anthem doesn't begin "Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles". Ich bin sehr upset. I thought this was the best first line for a national anthem ever, but apparently it was only in around Nazi times ("Nazis, I hate those guys" - Dr. Jones) that this was sung.

Why was it cut out? National anthems for me should be sung only when you're telling everyone your country is the best. Saying you're above everything pretty much declares that. Asking God to save your Monarch? Now that's shameful.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Dream cycle number 4

I usually have absolutely no memory of any dreams that I have while I'm asleep. This is usually a blessing as I am still haunted by two dreams I had when I was about six years old. One involved me riding a motorbike with Gremlins clinging to my face and making the ride really scary. The other was a very weird one where I ate a Ghostbusters lolly - even though I knew it was wrong - which then caused my eyes to go blotchy, similar to when you rub your eyes loads. Then a big curtain fell down and ghosts came out.

Bear in mind I had never watched Ghostbusters or Gremlins until I was at least fifteen. These dreams came solely from my fevered mind and possibly catching a bit of the poster when it was being advertised.

I am pleased to announce that my most recent dreams have been very pleasant. Most strange in what happened, but I've never woken up in a sweat screaming for my Mum from them.

One involved me chatting to TV's famous weather strumpet at some sort of castle (I presume it was Alton Towers). Claire then introduced Emmy The Great, who was playing her guitar to some kids while she was riding a pink flamingo boat ride. As I wanted to speak to Emmy and annoy her with some geeky fanboy worship I walked behind the flamingo along the tracks.

My second dream involved me chatting to Rilo Kiley in a hotel room, which then quickly changed to me walking through a shopping mall, then I noticed two people wearing Double Denim. Seeing a 'quad' of denim made me think of a 'lay-on-lay'. So then I wandered through the mall singing 'Lay-on-Lay-on-Lay' to the tune of 'ole, ole, ole, ole'. Which resulted in me interrupting a wedding by singing this and having a crowd of people following me.

Freya says I cannot do this at our wedding. Even though it was The Best Thing Ever. I had a massive smile on my face all day.

What dreams have you had recently readers? And did they involve obscure songs from kids tv shows?