Saturday, July 31, 2004

I know how it feels to be your age...

...once and never again

This is me.

Hello. My name is Ben. I've lived in Mansfield for 10 years, Germany for 8 years, Loughborough for 3 years and now I reside in York. I have against all odds managed to get a girlfriend. Who gets upset when I blog about girls I think are attractive (and so she should).

My blog is attempt to put how I am feeling into words. Without managing to depress the people reading at home. This has been a problem recently due to job issues*, but I'm sure I will cheer up sometime soon. My writing will still be rubbish though.

I've been blogging since August 2004 and at some point in 2005 I decided to start all my posts with a song lyric. These have absolutely no relevance to what the blog post is about.

* More to do with where I work rather than what I do. But as an accountant I'm sure what I do does depress me slightly.

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