Sunday, August 01, 2004


So I've now entered the jet-age and I've started a 'blog' - the diary that everyone can read! Which I'm sure means something, although I'm not sure what.

So I've started this paragraph with the same two words as the last one, this is very slack writing from me. I doubt that I should've started a new paragraph anyway but I guess I'll learn these things as I go along. Perhaps I should introduce myself. Yes that will do.

Well my name's Ben Hall, I'm 24 years old and I live in York (the one in England). I currently work as a 'finance assistant' and am taking exams in order so that I can become a qualified person in accounting which will hopefully result in me being paid more money. However the company I currently work for can be regarded as a cheapskate so I'm not holding my breath.

Other than being bored at work (and who isn't eh readers?) I try to go and see obscure indie films at the cinema, obscure indie bands at concerts and obsess over cute girls (whilst still not asking them out). I suppose I'm a gentleman at heart, in fact yesterday I lent my jacket - oh Ted Raimi's on telly - to a girl when we were leaving a bar to keep her hair dry. But then occasionally I'm really rude to friends who I shouldn't be rude to. It's completely innocent and I never mean it, but I always feel guilty straight after I say it.

Let's be boring and just mention 8 things that I like (in no particular order):
8 - Brackets (this should be becoming rapidly obvious - and annnoying)
7 - Timothy Stack (Comedian)
6 - That new single by Charlotte from Ash
5 - Coming back from 2 weeks staying at my parents and not having to watch Big Brother with them (well my Mum and my brother) anymore
4 - The sandwich shop girl waving at me when I hardly know her (see the bit after indie bands)
3 - The fact that Borussia Monchengladbach have moved into the school that my Dad used to teach in
2 - Maggie Gyllenhaal
1 - This remake of Manic Mansion (I *know* it's Maniac but I prefer this way - see Green Bert) that I've downloaded from

Time to update my profile I guess. Bis bald!

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Ben C. said...


Great sense of humor. I started at the beginning (Aug/2004) and probably won't make it to the end.

Hope you get the girl!

From New York (the one in the States)