Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New edition

Wow, everything's so new. I've cheered up greatly since my last blog, even though I've worked really late today (6 o'clock which probably doesn't mean much to the hard-working readers of this blog) and have
probably got the most work I've ever been given. I think I was just in a glum mood, the kind that hits you and then seems to stick around and makes you feel worse.

I've finally got my new laptop and it's far better than my old one. It doesn't turn off for no reason, the keys don't stick and I can type normally. I know these things shouldn't be that impressive, but when you've had as crappy as pc as mine it's a revelation. And I can finally play deus ex at a decent speed! Hurrah!

I got some CDs sent through the mail from Shelle on the same day I got the laptop too and these made me smile even more than getting the laptop. I've finally listened to the mix cd Shelle and I love it! The Sing-Sing song is excellent and I will get round to returning the favour soon.

Jenny's still on ("vacation" - american editor) so I haven't any news to report there. Apparently she's back in a few weeks time. I'm going to have to be really patient. Hopefully I can do it.

Cathy sent me some pictures of her on ("vacation" - american editor) in Vegas. It looked really cool, wish I could've been there. She looked really hot as well but she's probably going to call me a dork for saying that.

Oh, I also met this cool German girl on Sunday. She was impressed by my pronounciation - said I didn't have a trace of English in my accent! She's going to be here for a while so I'll probably see her around again. I watched Roger & Me over the weekend too. I liked it, but I still preferred Mikey's TV stuff. I dunno, it seems to drag on a bit.

Well I'd best go now, I've got a booze cruise tomorrow so I might have some dodgy photos up over this weekend.


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Michelle said...

I will admit that i have listend to my machine with your message on it like a gizzilion times. You are very sweet to say "vacation" and i think your pretty hot! I am thrilled that you liked the cd, that means that more will come your way my dear. I cant wait for a cd from ya, stay lovley and simply sexy!