Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Crappy PCs and flats and life

I'm really annoyed with my flat, pc and life at the moment. The first two of these are easily solveable (gonna get the local paper on Thursday and the new pc gets sent out this week) - it's life that's gonna be a lickle but trickier.

You see aside from people at work I don't really know anyone in York. Sure there's Jenny (the sandwich girl - who actually asked me to a party at hers a few days ago) but I want to be more than friends with her (if that's possible). So any ideas what I should do?

I'll write more soon, but my laptop is so crap.


Michelle said...

Oh love you are way way to cute to worry about "what if's" in this world. You do what you can, and you let them come to you, oh wait, that's if your female, ha. Jenny will come around and if she doesnt then SHE is missing out. It has been awhile now since she went on Holiday, soooo call her if you have her number. If you do not have her number, go by the shop. Let her know that you are still intrested. Keep it up babe!

Michelle said...

Did you get my package?