Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New edition

Wow, everything's so new. I've cheered up greatly since my last blog, even though I've worked really late today (6 o'clock which probably doesn't mean much to the hard-working readers of this blog) and have
probably got the most work I've ever been given. I think I was just in a glum mood, the kind that hits you and then seems to stick around and makes you feel worse.

I've finally got my new laptop and it's far better than my old one. It doesn't turn off for no reason, the keys don't stick and I can type normally. I know these things shouldn't be that impressive, but when you've had as crappy as pc as mine it's a revelation. And I can finally play deus ex at a decent speed! Hurrah!

I got some CDs sent through the mail from Shelle on the same day I got the laptop too and these made me smile even more than getting the laptop. I've finally listened to the mix cd Shelle and I love it! The Sing-Sing song is excellent and I will get round to returning the favour soon.

Jenny's still on ("vacation" - american editor) so I haven't any news to report there. Apparently she's back in a few weeks time. I'm going to have to be really patient. Hopefully I can do it.

Cathy sent me some pictures of her on ("vacation" - american editor) in Vegas. It looked really cool, wish I could've been there. She looked really hot as well but she's probably going to call me a dork for saying that.

Oh, I also met this cool German girl on Sunday. She was impressed by my pronounciation - said I didn't have a trace of English in my accent! She's going to be here for a while so I'll probably see her around again. I watched Roger & Me over the weekend too. I liked it, but I still preferred Mikey's TV stuff. I dunno, it seems to drag on a bit.

Well I'd best go now, I've got a booze cruise tomorrow so I might have some dodgy photos up over this weekend.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Crappy PCs and flats and life

I'm really annoyed with my flat, pc and life at the moment. The first two of these are easily solveable (gonna get the local paper on Thursday and the new pc gets sent out this week) - it's life that's gonna be a lickle but trickier.

You see aside from people at work I don't really know anyone in York. Sure there's Jenny (the sandwich girl - who actually asked me to a party at hers a few days ago) but I want to be more than friends with her (if that's possible). So any ideas what I should do?

I'll write more soon, but my laptop is so crap.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Postcards from Deutschland

I've found out one of the postcards I've sent (from when I was in Germany) has finally reached it's destination (Hello Shelle) but the other one I sent to Catrocs hasn't been seen yet. Tch postmen eh?

Surprisingly I haven't got any new adventure games I'm too busy trying to find a decent new laptop. I suspect I'm gonna become a 'Dell Dude' and get one of them. "But why do you need a new laptop Ben?" I hear you ask. "Good question," I reply "The CD drive doesn't work, the keys kkkkkeeeeeppppp repeating and it overheats so much I have to use it vertically instead of the usual way." "Oh." You feel ashamed for even asking.

Dell's website is acting really slow, I'm gonna go check out what they have on offerat PC World - that's if I can find it (WHERE IN THE WORLD IS PC WORLD?).

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Right, I need to jazz this blog up. This basic template's ok, but i've seen other blogs where people have songs you can select in the background and blue's rather boring. Green is the colour of choice, I think.

So I've been back at work for two days. Today I've been exceptionally tired and I've not even been bothered enough to obsess over girls that I daren't talk to. However I have decided that on Saturday I'm going to go up to the sandwich girl, find out her name and see if she's busy over the weekend.

Other than that I've bought the Adam & Joe DVD which I highly recommend - if only for the amazing Ken Korda & 1471 sketch. By watching the DVD's extras I found out that Adam and Joe went to school with Louis Theroux (I suspect this means absolutely nothing to the American Readers, but it's the equivalent of finding out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen went to school with Hilary Duff - yes it's that amazing!). I of course already knew Ad & Joe were mates with Jonathan Ross as I remember seeing a picture in the papers of JR with Joe on the log flume. However only recently I found out that Jane Goldman (Jonathan's gorgeous redheaded wife) wrote for Zero. This fact is even better than the Louis Theroux one, but I can't think of a decent American comparison. Hope that this is ok.

Right Home And Away's starting. Just time for me to tell you to download the ScummVm engine and Flight Of The Amazon Queen - it's my adventure game of this week.

my mouth is scary here

team photo II

me, kully and becky

a team photo

me, my old boss kate, my old boss dan and the young michelle (check of the amazing colour matching between my hoody and my top)

friday night part 1: me pulling in front of my boss kully and mary "car-park" burton

this was me on new years eve, dodgy i know

Sunday, August 01, 2004


So I've now entered the jet-age and I've started a 'blog' - the diary that everyone can read! Which I'm sure means something, although I'm not sure what.

So I've started this paragraph with the same two words as the last one, this is very slack writing from me. I doubt that I should've started a new paragraph anyway but I guess I'll learn these things as I go along. Perhaps I should introduce myself. Yes that will do.

Well my name's Ben Hall, I'm 24 years old and I live in York (the one in England). I currently work as a 'finance assistant' and am taking exams in order so that I can become a qualified person in accounting which will hopefully result in me being paid more money. However the company I currently work for can be regarded as a cheapskate so I'm not holding my breath.

Other than being bored at work (and who isn't eh readers?) I try to go and see obscure indie films at the cinema, obscure indie bands at concerts and obsess over cute girls (whilst still not asking them out). I suppose I'm a gentleman at heart, in fact yesterday I lent my jacket - oh Ted Raimi's on telly - to a girl when we were leaving a bar to keep her hair dry. But then occasionally I'm really rude to friends who I shouldn't be rude to. It's completely innocent and I never mean it, but I always feel guilty straight after I say it.

Let's be boring and just mention 8 things that I like (in no particular order):
8 - Brackets (this should be becoming rapidly obvious - and annnoying)
7 - Timothy Stack (Comedian)
6 - That new single by Charlotte from Ash
5 - Coming back from 2 weeks staying at my parents and not having to watch Big Brother with them (well my Mum and my brother) anymore
4 - The sandwich shop girl waving at me when I hardly know her (see the bit after indie bands)
3 - The fact that Borussia Monchengladbach have moved into the school that my Dad used to teach in
2 - Maggie Gyllenhaal
1 - This remake of Manic Mansion (I *know* it's Maniac but I prefer this way - see Green Bert) that I've downloaded from

Time to update my profile I guess. Bis bald!