Thursday, August 05, 2004

Postcards from Deutschland

I've found out one of the postcards I've sent (from when I was in Germany) has finally reached it's destination (Hello Shelle) but the other one I sent to Catrocs hasn't been seen yet. Tch postmen eh?

Surprisingly I haven't got any new adventure games I'm too busy trying to find a decent new laptop. I suspect I'm gonna become a 'Dell Dude' and get one of them. "But why do you need a new laptop Ben?" I hear you ask. "Good question," I reply "The CD drive doesn't work, the keys kkkkkeeeeeppppp repeating and it overheats so much I have to use it vertically instead of the usual way." "Oh." You feel ashamed for even asking.

Dell's website is acting really slow, I'm gonna go check out what they have on offerat PC World - that's if I can find it (WHERE IN THE WORLD IS PC WORLD?).

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