Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Right, I need to jazz this blog up. This basic template's ok, but i've seen other blogs where people have songs you can select in the background and blue's rather boring. Green is the colour of choice, I think.

So I've been back at work for two days. Today I've been exceptionally tired and I've not even been bothered enough to obsess over girls that I daren't talk to. However I have decided that on Saturday I'm going to go up to the sandwich girl, find out her name and see if she's busy over the weekend.

Other than that I've bought the Adam & Joe DVD which I highly recommend - if only for the amazing Ken Korda & 1471 sketch. By watching the DVD's extras I found out that Adam and Joe went to school with Louis Theroux (I suspect this means absolutely nothing to the American Readers, but it's the equivalent of finding out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen went to school with Hilary Duff - yes it's that amazing!). I of course already knew Ad & Joe were mates with Jonathan Ross as I remember seeing a picture in the papers of JR with Joe on the log flume. However only recently I found out that Jane Goldman (Jonathan's gorgeous redheaded wife) wrote for Zero. This fact is even better than the Louis Theroux one, but I can't think of a decent American comparison. Hope that this is ok.

Right Home And Away's starting. Just time for me to tell you to download the ScummVm engine and Flight Of The Amazon Queen - it's my adventure game of this week.

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