Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well the full moon maggie says the grass is getting shaggy...

...Mow the lawn

Start of the catch-up session whilst Freya's cooing over Fieldmeeces on Springwatch.

No-one reads this anymore
OK, I guess that's not really true as people would have had to had read it in the first place. And I suppose I never really advertise my website. What I should do is random browsing of blogs and post seemingly relevant comments. But I'm really rubbish at that.

Let's consider who've commented on my site:
Cathy - these three all came because I foolishly mentioned it to them
Bogbumper - these two came here of their own accord (and then left quickly)
Person trying to sell oil - I didn't really understand his point, but thank you oil person!

All very nice people but 6 isn't really enough to consider continuing with this. Or is it?

Hmmm. Let's continue with this tomorrow and see how it goes. I'll go through all the topics later. Oh and I need to add:

Bic Runga & bad gig people

Let's have some Moloko to take us out...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fell down the stairs into my arms...

...and swiftly ran the other way

It's the usual - Ben hasn't updated for a while so he writes a load of topics down so he can write about them later.

I'm off to pass my final Accounting exam. Wish me luck! (edit - I think I've failed it again)

No-one reads this anymore
Hearts car
Steve Beale - Suited up - How I met your mother
Exam - revision
DS Lite
Gemma's phone number
Ian Collins - Iain Lee - James Whale
Walk round York
Tilly and the Wall
Horse Racing
Larry David Meal