Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well the full moon maggie says the grass is getting shaggy...

...Mow the lawn

Start of the catch-up session whilst Freya's cooing over Fieldmeeces on Springwatch.

No-one reads this anymore
OK, I guess that's not really true as people would have had to had read it in the first place. And I suppose I never really advertise my website. What I should do is random browsing of blogs and post seemingly relevant comments. But I'm really rubbish at that.

Let's consider who've commented on my site:
Cathy - these three all came because I foolishly mentioned it to them
Bogbumper - these two came here of their own accord (and then left quickly)
Person trying to sell oil - I didn't really understand his point, but thank you oil person!

All very nice people but 6 isn't really enough to consider continuing with this. Or is it?

Hmmm. Let's continue with this tomorrow and see how it goes. I'll go through all the topics later. Oh and I need to add:

Bic Runga & bad gig people

Let's have some Moloko to take us out...

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