Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tilly and the Wall haiku

Slow Club:

Slow Club

You thought you were bad
in fact you were rather good
but crap whistlers

Tilly and the wall:

Neely, Kianna & Jamie

One of you can't sing
can't play bass but can tap dance
you'll go a long way

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kenickie - 10 years gone

Pic from Planet Kenickie

I realise it's been ten years, but I still miss them. Kenickie are my favourite band ever. They just sang with feeling. And a mackem accent.

I've liked bands before and since, but I've never felt the same joy when I hear any other band. Plus they sounded like they were having fun too.

They split just as I started Uni at Loughborough and I could've seen them on their final tour at Rock City, but I never found anyone to go with. It's something I regret to this day. Although perhaps seeing them in their dying throes will have soured my memory of them.

I even liked how their first unofficial mailing list was one sent out by someone (Lee?) who bcc'd everyone in so you got a load of messages in one go.

The best bit is I have no idea where I started to like Kenickie from. It might have been C-Monster, who mentioned it in his e-mail about AP. Or J Nash when I asked him about music he liked. Or maybe it was when I got a promo leaflet through the post.

So thanks for everything Johnny X (anything to do with ), Emmy-Kate Montrose (writer of the Best Kenickie Song ever), Lauren Laverne (who should just stick to radio rather than sorting out Twiggy's frocks) and Marie du Santiago (the one I fancied, sorry Marie).

I did actually see Kenickie live twice, both times were at Reading Festival. Rather surprisingly BFBS played part of their 1996EDIT: 1997** set on their radio station. I managed to record it onto tape. Now I have converted it into mp3s* for everyone to enjoy. If anyone knows of any reason why these shouldn't be on here, let me know.


* Via Minidisc, then audacity.
** I knew I went to Reading 1998 as this was before I went to Uni, but I could have sworn I missed the one before that. However, I am wrong. Simon, the person Simon was speaking to, and the First Matt were right. Everyone must now change the ID3 tags in the MP3s accordingly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haiku Gig Review

Rose keyboard

Rose from The Pipettes
She wanted to dance/hand jive
Was stuck by keyboard

Film School

Film School were loud
And also repetitive
They were also loud


British Sea Power
Very good foliage but
Need Turtle Power

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Communication Prbloms

Nice to see the Guardian pays attention to its own words...
Don't hold your breath for a British series called The Mentalist.
Channel Five's new US import The Mentalist