Saturday, August 26, 2006

I fought the war...

...and the war won

So I was about to write a note saying how I was doing the washing up and Pull Shapes came on and it was the best feeling ever, but before I could write it up I sat down. And watched whatever. It's a show on channel four and is rubbish.

If you didn't already think programme comissioners weren't the stupidest people on Earth this show will help you reach that opinion. I shall explain it in this formula:

Why Don't You - Good Presenters + Annoying Youth Gob Presenters + Street Talk ^ Stupidity = Whatever

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blinded by the chancer we had oysters and dry lancers...

...and the cheque went in a rush, we went dutch, dutch, dutch, dutch

OK, so the every weekend an update didn't go according to plan either. But hey at least you're getting one now. At least in the five minutes I've decided I've got before I go to bed.

Work continues apace on AP4. By that I mean I've e-mailed most of the people who wrote bits for it before and got replies from them. J Nash, Mil, C-Monster and Flossie - I salute you.

So I logged onto myspace today (which I just use to keep tracks on music rather than have any proper friends on there) and had the following e-mail:

Hello. Are you very popular online? My best friend and I were checking single profiles online and saw yours. I hope you're available, because she's quite interested in meeting you. She doesn't have an account and not comfortable online dating. She's a student and visiting me from outside the good ole US of A. She'd love to know more about you and really lives close to you. I've done my special part, now it's up to you. You can contact her direclty at: waxy.sarah_p at yahoo. She's uber-smart, speaks many languages and is very very sexy - she's much thinner than I and much healthier overall. Thanks, and have a nice day.

OK, so let's look at this in detail. Am I popular online? My best friend on myspace is Petra Haden and only two people read this blog, so no. Actually we can't look in more detail as I'm already one* minute over. Suffice to say this e-mail freaks me out. In A Bad Way.

* Now two

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shake baby shake...

...You know I can fit you in my arms.

So my blog-a-day kinda got pushed aside for getting a good nights sleep. But I realised that it's not the quantity, but the quality of my blogs that my non-existent readers want. So sorry non-existent readers but you'll be getting the same crap quality about once a week instead of every day.

I suppose you'll all be interested to know that I know have my own website. It is at All it has on at the moment is a link to this blog, the old AP futurenet site and everything I know about eggs. Possibly the eggs bit is the best.

It's time I tell you what happened in the Larry David Meal. Even though it was about two months ago the reprecussions are still going on.

We went out for a meal with some mates. I had had a crap nights sleep beforehand and was feeling rather rubbish so I wasn't going to drink that much. My mates however had been drinking for a long time.

The meal was rather crap considering it was expensive and therefore is supposed to be good. I'd somehow ordered a pate for my starter, which I normally wouldn't do as I reckon I wouldn't like pate. I turned out to be correct in this opinion.

Freya & I weren't having any wine or a dessert. So (in theory) we should've had less to pay than everyone else. Turned out it was it was just over 270 quid between seven of us. So R & F were asking for thirty quid from everyone. So everyone gave them thirty quid, even myself and Freya - we're not that tight. Then R & F realised they were low on money so started muttering under their breath calling everyone 'peasants' and stuff. Someone else on our table stood up for Freya & I saying that as we'd hardly drunk anything & didn't have a dessert why should we pay more. R & F kept quiet but then F was still muttering.

A bit of a bad ending to the night.

So a few days after I went over to speak to F. He had a face like someone had just shat in his cereal. Then all he said was "I heard what Freya said about me." I didn't have a clue what he meant, although I think Freya did say something as we were leaving along the line's of "F is being a tithead". So all I did was say "Well you were hardly on top form either". And then walked away.

The weird thing is that F and his girlf are now ignoring us despite the fact that we should be more angry with him for what he said about us. However, I'm not really bothered about what he said about us as it was said after three bottles of wine. So why is he still playing up about this? I dunno, the best explanation I can think of is that he's embarrassed about what he did. The best ignoring us situation occured when we walked past them in town. Freya & I smiled at them, they pretended to look at the M&S display. Cut to ten minutes later, we walk past them again and still decide to smile. This time with no display to look at they have to nod. Hurrah! The being nice option pays off again!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From here to there to everywhere...

...And back to Union Square, where do I get some sleep?

Gah! Far too tired again. And I got soaked on my way back from work.

Been enjoying Phoenix Wright though - really had to concentrate.

Spoke to my Grandma to tell her I passed. She seemed happy enough, but she never wants to speak for long on the phone. I think we spoke for about three minutes.

Ah well.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Better get going...

...Better move along now, and find my own way.

Far too late a day at work today to have time to write my blog, read WOS, cook food and watch CSI Miami so something had to go. Sorry blog.

Tomorrow, definitely.

Best go, snooze patrol is here!