Sunday, April 19, 2009

The infamous Ben Halup

I think I'm a reasonably funny person. Certainly, in the office environment I can come out with a few witty comments that people smile at*. I consider myself to be someone who can say things to cheer people up, not to depress them.

So when PC Gamer asked on twitter for questions for their latest podcast I had a good think. Do I ask a question about PC Gaming (which I wouldn't have much opinion on as I can hardly play Half-Life 2 on my ageing Dell) or do I go for the amusing question?

I had noticed that the Artist Formerly Known As C-Monster and J Walker had already tweeted in amusing questions so I thought one from me would also be appreciated**. The only problem was what to ask about?

I remembered that on the last podcast they were making references to the fact (it is an undeniable fact) that Ross Atherton, gentlemanly editor, kept prostitutes in his cellar. This was the joke I could use! And inspired by Richard Herrin I sent in the following question, which was used:


Oh. Looks like Ross didn't appreciate being linked with a murderer, rapist and incestor. I now appreciate the lot of a stand-up comedian when their jokes fall totally flat. However this was offset by the giggling of 12 year-old Deputy Editor Tim Edwards who found it most amusing.

Would I do a similar joke again? Possibly as I found it very amusing, but I would probably aim it more at myself than anyone else to avoid offending them. Even though Ross deserved it for his depraved attitude towards women.

If you want to download the full podcast it can be found here.

* I was quite pleased when someone said "We don't have a fear and blame culture here" and I immediately said "And whose fault is that?"

** Especially as I was keeping One Life Left's mailbox full at the end of their last season

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A list of film directors influenced by computer games

  • Sam Rammi

  • Uwe BO-L-L

  • Alfred Hitch-Chicken

  • Michael Disk Drive Bay

  • Joss Wii-don#

  • JJ and Jeff Abrams

  • George Lucasgames (clever wording I know, cheers)

  • Francis Ford Virtua Coppola

  • David Kane & Lynch

  • David Cronenburgertime

  • The Chronicles of Ridley Scott

  • Tim BurtOni

  • Christopher 7th Guest

  • Wes Super Mario Landerson

  • Snes Craven (Freya's one is the best)