Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Belong to me, because tonight...

...you make my world feel right

Something at work today made me think I should get my arse in gear and start doing some exercise. I remember when I first joined NU and got a £100 bonus I spent it on joining a gym for three months. I did actually feel healthier and (I thought) I was actually starting to get some muscles.

When it ran out I didn't renew and have done no exercise since. And have also developed a beer belly even though I only drink beer for one night every three weeks.

The thing is I know exercise will help me, I just have no motivation for doing it. I much prefer lazying around watching TV. But I should do it. It will stop me feeling so tired when I've done nothing, might help me get to sleep quicker, will make me healthier and feel better. It might even stop me getting headaches so much.

It couldn't hurt. Except I know it will.

Perhaps what I'll do is start doing a bit of jogging and sit ups first then join a gym when my job situation is sorted out. In fact, I've had a thought. Seeing how I'm meant to be blogging every day next month (although more on that later) I think I could have a NoBloGymMo and say what exercise I've done for each day.

Sounds like a plan. As the California Dreams said "Less doo id".

More on the NaNoBloSchmo

I've realised I may have made a mistake signing up to the NaNoBloSchmo thing. I'm going to have problems getting near a PC for the first week!

Mum & Dad are staying over and will be sleeping in the PC room until Saturday, so I'll have to be regimented and blog in the afternoon. Without seeming rude.

However from Sunday to Tuesday we'll be in Manchester to see The Flaming Lips. Now I've just looked and the hotel has wi-fi, but would it be really rude to go blogging when I should be giving Freya my full attention? Yes, yes it would.


Sorry BloHo but I might not hold out until the 6th. I will endeavour to do my best though.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm having such a good time...

Originally uploaded by uppi17.
...I'm having a ball.

Forgot to show my Shaun Of The Dead costume. So here it is.

She was disco lights on the Friday nights...

...she moves across the floor

So I didn't get ("the rival company" - ed) job. As I thought I did alright talking about the job, but pretty much failed when I was speaking about myself. The annoying thing is that when he was talking about the job I was thinking: "Yep. This sounds like what I'm doing now. All I have to do is bring that up and I might have a chance."

Except when it came to talking about myself all I did was go through my CV - no, but yes - in chronological order. And not making it sound interesting at all. Then I decided to somehow say that I beat myself up over mistakes. Rather than saying I take my mistakes on board and learn from them.

I'm so useless at making myself sound good. As you 0readers may have noticed.

But for some reason the agency still think someone may be stupid and take a chance on me. The most recent company they've offered me work in the Merrion centre in Leeds. I might go for it just on the Bo Selecta reference. My brother would love me just for that.

I've been trying to start blogging daily to get myself ready for NaBloPaMo (or whatever it's called). After all you wouldn't start running a marathon after no practise would you? ("I agree" - Jade)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Like that's going to do something against them guns...

...it's Rosie the nosey neighbour (woo!)

We got trapped in our house today. For some reason* the door handle to the front room is loose and falls off regularly. However as I'm never in the room that much I always forget and shut the door behind me. Which doesn't normally matter as we have the handle there and can open it with no problems.

Except today Freya put the handle in the kitchen as she was tidying up.

I didn't notice at first as I was eating. But after a few mouthfuls I looked up and knew something was wrong. My stomach tightened and (for once**) it wasn't due to the food.

I started to panic. Freya wasn't bothered and was really calm. She even wanted to finish her food first. I knew we'd probably get out, but I really wasn't sure how we'd do it. My plan was Freya going through the (open) front window, but I wouldn't have a clue what she'd do after that. Possibly she could've rung her Mum on the phone by collect call. I doubt she'd remember the number though.

Luckily through a combination of Freya using her knife to pry it open and me twisting the bit of the handle remaining, we go out. And I realised that I may be slightly claustrophobic.

So that's claustrophobia, vertigo and fear of cheese. Hey, these things do come in threes!

* Most probable reason is that the landlord is rubbish & doesn't fix anything.

** If you read this Freya this is a joke. Albeit a bad one.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wendys, Sambos and Long John Silvers...

...take advantage of the efficiency

Hmmm. As usual I don't really have anything witty, funny or interesting to say*. So it's on with the show, except I've decided to change the name of the site.

Been getting a few compliments recently. My lack of shaving was described as nice by Laura the secretary, my Pink Rock t-shirt was described as great by someone at a cafe and I've been used to make someone's boyf jealous. Well not really, but she mentioned me to him a few times and apparently he got all "Who's this Ben then?". Even though he's met me.

Apparently there's something on THNTRNTeiee where you have to write a blog every day. Seeing how I have trouble writing anything for two weeks at a time I fail to see how increasing the frequency of these could make them worse so let's give it a try hey 0readers?

I may be finally having a night out tonight. Unfortunately it's fancy dress and I'm crap at dressing up. Yet I may have something that I could go as. Shaun Of The Dead.

OK so all I have to do is wear a short-sleeved shirt**, put a bit of red on it (ketchup is favourite so far), have a red tie and get a cricket bat (bought a super tiny one). But at least I'll be making an effort. Although I didn't have time to do the headband-with-half-a-dart-stuck-in-it-so-it-looks-as-though-the-dart-is-stuck-in-my-head idea, which might have topped it off.

Work problems continue apace. I really can't be bothered with it at the moment, which considering my usual lack of botheredness at work is really distressing. I did have an interview ("with a rival" - ed). As usual I choked when it came to talking about myself. I realise now I should've tied everything on my CV in with the job I was going for - and there were lots to tie together. But I'm blaming me not getting the job (although I don't know for sure yet) on four things:

  1. Only finding about the interview the day before it happened
  2. Getting absolutely soaked before the interview and completely forgetting my smart answers to questions
  3. The interviewer picking his nose and scratching himself partway through the interview
  4. The lights in the room going off partway through
Although these facts may actually work in my favour.

Freya got very drunk last night, which was quite funny. But I had to clear the mess up. Oh dear.

Mata ne,

* Possibly witty covers both the funny & interesting parts

** Which I had to buy as I only possess long-sleeved work shirts

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey boy, where'd you get it from...

...Hey boy where did you go? I learnt my passion in the good old fashioned school of loverboys

Listening to the Adam & Joe podcast they mentioned weird fantasies you had when you were a kid and that rang a few bells with the stuff I came up with.

I used to daydream about being able to fly. But it wasn't any normal superman style flying. What you had to do was run as fast as possible, then your foot somehow found invisible steps and you managed to run up the steps so you were above everyone. I think as soon as you stopped running you fell back down to Earth, so you had to be ready for a long run.

I'm trying to remember if all you could do was run on a higher plane than everyone else. I'm quite sure that is all you could do. Pretty crap really in terms of fantasies.

Oh, and my other daydream was by saving the world through song. For some reason aliens invaded the Earth, but somehow if you sung "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen you saved the town that you sang it in. Because I knew it off by heart I would be able to save the day.

Now an alien invasion is highly unlikely. The fact that they've allergic to Queen songs more so. Yet in my head this turn of events never seemed weird and the chance to save the world each time I walked home from the bus stop was always in my mind. Strange.

Next time I could go into the nightmares I had as a kid, but they would be way too weird...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I can see there's something in your eyes...

...you just took a fall from paradise

And with that dodgy rhyme from Stefy it's time to go bullet-time as I can't be bothered making anything link together.

  • VH1 had a show of 10 John Lydon songs, but cleverly showed it as John Lennon songs. Almost as bad as their Top 10 Come Songs. I'm not joking about this.
  • I may be getting sacked soon as part of the forthcoming restructure. I may have mentioned this before but it's preying on my mind.
  • I've started Japanese lessons and am already starting to regret it. We have to fill in homework diaries and then take an oral exam at the end. Considering I can't remember what Good Night is* this doesn't bode well.

    Also we're doing the Katakana symbols which I thought would be in the intermediate level. Although thinking about it, it's probably best I start early on this.
Cheerio reader!
* Oyasumi nasai