Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wendys, Sambos and Long John Silvers...

...take advantage of the efficiency

Hmmm. As usual I don't really have anything witty, funny or interesting to say*. So it's on with the show, except I've decided to change the name of the site.

Been getting a few compliments recently. My lack of shaving was described as nice by Laura the secretary, my Pink Rock t-shirt was described as great by someone at a cafe and I've been used to make someone's boyf jealous. Well not really, but she mentioned me to him a few times and apparently he got all "Who's this Ben then?". Even though he's met me.

Apparently there's something on THNTRNTeiee where you have to write a blog every day. Seeing how I have trouble writing anything for two weeks at a time I fail to see how increasing the frequency of these could make them worse so let's give it a try hey 0readers?

I may be finally having a night out tonight. Unfortunately it's fancy dress and I'm crap at dressing up. Yet I may have something that I could go as. Shaun Of The Dead.

OK so all I have to do is wear a short-sleeved shirt**, put a bit of red on it (ketchup is favourite so far), have a red tie and get a cricket bat (bought a super tiny one). But at least I'll be making an effort. Although I didn't have time to do the headband-with-half-a-dart-stuck-in-it-so-it-looks-as-though-the-dart-is-stuck-in-my-head idea, which might have topped it off.

Work problems continue apace. I really can't be bothered with it at the moment, which considering my usual lack of botheredness at work is really distressing. I did have an interview ("with a rival" - ed). As usual I choked when it came to talking about myself. I realise now I should've tied everything on my CV in with the job I was going for - and there were lots to tie together. But I'm blaming me not getting the job (although I don't know for sure yet) on four things:

  1. Only finding about the interview the day before it happened
  2. Getting absolutely soaked before the interview and completely forgetting my smart answers to questions
  3. The interviewer picking his nose and scratching himself partway through the interview
  4. The lights in the room going off partway through
Although these facts may actually work in my favour.

Freya got very drunk last night, which was quite funny. But I had to clear the mess up. Oh dear.

Mata ne,

* Possibly witty covers both the funny & interesting parts

** Which I had to buy as I only possess long-sleeved work shirts

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