Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Belong to me, because tonight...

...you make my world feel right

Something at work today made me think I should get my arse in gear and start doing some exercise. I remember when I first joined NU and got a £100 bonus I spent it on joining a gym for three months. I did actually feel healthier and (I thought) I was actually starting to get some muscles.

When it ran out I didn't renew and have done no exercise since. And have also developed a beer belly even though I only drink beer for one night every three weeks.

The thing is I know exercise will help me, I just have no motivation for doing it. I much prefer lazying around watching TV. But I should do it. It will stop me feeling so tired when I've done nothing, might help me get to sleep quicker, will make me healthier and feel better. It might even stop me getting headaches so much.

It couldn't hurt. Except I know it will.

Perhaps what I'll do is start doing a bit of jogging and sit ups first then join a gym when my job situation is sorted out. In fact, I've had a thought. Seeing how I'm meant to be blogging every day next month (although more on that later) I think I could have a NoBloGymMo and say what exercise I've done for each day.

Sounds like a plan. As the California Dreams said "Less doo id".

More on the NaNoBloSchmo

I've realised I may have made a mistake signing up to the NaNoBloSchmo thing. I'm going to have problems getting near a PC for the first week!

Mum & Dad are staying over and will be sleeping in the PC room until Saturday, so I'll have to be regimented and blog in the afternoon. Without seeming rude.

However from Sunday to Tuesday we'll be in Manchester to see The Flaming Lips. Now I've just looked and the hotel has wi-fi, but would it be really rude to go blogging when I should be giving Freya my full attention? Yes, yes it would.


Sorry BloHo but I might not hold out until the 6th. I will endeavour to do my best though.

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