Sunday, October 01, 2006

I can see there's something in your eyes... just took a fall from paradise

And with that dodgy rhyme from Stefy it's time to go bullet-time as I can't be bothered making anything link together.

  • VH1 had a show of 10 John Lydon songs, but cleverly showed it as John Lennon songs. Almost as bad as their Top 10 Come Songs. I'm not joking about this.
  • I may be getting sacked soon as part of the forthcoming restructure. I may have mentioned this before but it's preying on my mind.
  • I've started Japanese lessons and am already starting to regret it. We have to fill in homework diaries and then take an oral exam at the end. Considering I can't remember what Good Night is* this doesn't bode well.

    Also we're doing the Katakana symbols which I thought would be in the intermediate level. Although thinking about it, it's probably best I start early on this.
Cheerio reader!
* Oyasumi nasai

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