Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey boy, where'd you get it from...

...Hey boy where did you go? I learnt my passion in the good old fashioned school of loverboys

Listening to the Adam & Joe podcast they mentioned weird fantasies you had when you were a kid and that rang a few bells with the stuff I came up with.

I used to daydream about being able to fly. But it wasn't any normal superman style flying. What you had to do was run as fast as possible, then your foot somehow found invisible steps and you managed to run up the steps so you were above everyone. I think as soon as you stopped running you fell back down to Earth, so you had to be ready for a long run.

I'm trying to remember if all you could do was run on a higher plane than everyone else. I'm quite sure that is all you could do. Pretty crap really in terms of fantasies.

Oh, and my other daydream was by saving the world through song. For some reason aliens invaded the Earth, but somehow if you sung "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" by Queen you saved the town that you sang it in. Because I knew it off by heart I would be able to save the day.

Now an alien invasion is highly unlikely. The fact that they've allergic to Queen songs more so. Yet in my head this turn of events never seemed weird and the chance to save the world each time I walked home from the bus stop was always in my mind. Strange.

Next time I could go into the nightmares I had as a kid, but they would be way too weird...

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