Monday, October 30, 2006

She was disco lights on the Friday nights...

...she moves across the floor

So I didn't get ("the rival company" - ed) job. As I thought I did alright talking about the job, but pretty much failed when I was speaking about myself. The annoying thing is that when he was talking about the job I was thinking: "Yep. This sounds like what I'm doing now. All I have to do is bring that up and I might have a chance."

Except when it came to talking about myself all I did was go through my CV - no, but yes - in chronological order. And not making it sound interesting at all. Then I decided to somehow say that I beat myself up over mistakes. Rather than saying I take my mistakes on board and learn from them.

I'm so useless at making myself sound good. As you 0readers may have noticed.

But for some reason the agency still think someone may be stupid and take a chance on me. The most recent company they've offered me work in the Merrion centre in Leeds. I might go for it just on the Bo Selecta reference. My brother would love me just for that.

I've been trying to start blogging daily to get myself ready for NaBloPaMo (or whatever it's called). After all you wouldn't start running a marathon after no practise would you? ("I agree" - Jade)

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