Sunday, October 29, 2006

Like that's going to do something against them guns...'s Rosie the nosey neighbour (woo!)

We got trapped in our house today. For some reason* the door handle to the front room is loose and falls off regularly. However as I'm never in the room that much I always forget and shut the door behind me. Which doesn't normally matter as we have the handle there and can open it with no problems.

Except today Freya put the handle in the kitchen as she was tidying up.

I didn't notice at first as I was eating. But after a few mouthfuls I looked up and knew something was wrong. My stomach tightened and (for once**) it wasn't due to the food.

I started to panic. Freya wasn't bothered and was really calm. She even wanted to finish her food first. I knew we'd probably get out, but I really wasn't sure how we'd do it. My plan was Freya going through the (open) front window, but I wouldn't have a clue what she'd do after that. Possibly she could've rung her Mum on the phone by collect call. I doubt she'd remember the number though.

Luckily through a combination of Freya using her knife to pry it open and me twisting the bit of the handle remaining, we go out. And I realised that I may be slightly claustrophobic.

So that's claustrophobia, vertigo and fear of cheese. Hey, these things do come in threes!

* Most probable reason is that the landlord is rubbish & doesn't fix anything.

** If you read this Freya this is a joke. Albeit a bad one.

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