Thursday, November 22, 2007

NBPM 22: Joy

Despite this month being the month of gigs* I've bought absolutely no CDs to listen to. Except I have just received a CD in the post that I had ordered, but can't listen to until next month.

Of course I'm referring to Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas box set. I have no problems in recommending it as Sufjan has never let me down in the past. The other reason why I'd recommend it is the sheer amount of stuff you get with it.

The list goes like this:
  • 5 CDs with 42 songs
  • A CD liner with lots of Christmassy stuff (photos, notes, lyrics & chords)
  • A Quicktime video on one of the CDs
  • A comic strip
  • Stickers
  • Lots of Christmas cheer
Just by this CD arriving in the post has made me very excited for Christmas next month. And I don't think I've been excited about Chrimble since last millenium.

Also it smells amazing.

* I even decided not to go to see the New Pornographers, the Warlocks and Scout Niblett because I've spent too much seeing bands in November

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Matt said...

I tried to resist buying this last year, and then came across some copies when I assumed it had sold out everywhere and couldn't live with the idea of not owning it. The good news is; it still smells good. Faded a bit, mind, but still good.