Friday, November 16, 2007

NBPM 16: Early

So last Thursday I went to see Kurt Wagner at York's Early Music Centre. It's a pretty weird venue considering it is pretty much an old church with lots of pillars in the way. It's even weirder if the only time you've been there before is to take your accounting exams.

Because I was going with my Uncle, and he might not have been able to make the start time, I called beforehand to see if there was going to be a support act. I was assured there wasn't
so told him to rush to the venue.

So I was surprised to see Hayley Hutchinson start off the proceedings. She had a good singing voice, but the songs didn't really go anywhere. I always hate songs where you can kind of guess the next line and a lot of hers were like that.

Then the lights went out and Kurt started singing from the back of the church before reaching the front. The thing I like about Kurt's voice is it's not really singing, it's more of a soothing kind of talking voice with a hint of melody. And all of his songs at the gig showed that off.

He seemed to be relying on notes for all of his songs. Well, at the end of each song he would put a sheet onto a washing line and then rotate it along. Apparently he was trying to "replicate a paper curtain". I liked the curtain, it fits in with his homespun style.

Other than that it was very good songs played very well. I really am a rubbish reviewer.

One bad thing was that Kurt was offering two CDs to buy. One was a solo CD and the other was a Live CD. Both cost ten pounds which I thought was a bit of a ripoff as they were only in cardboard sleeves. And I only had a tenner anyway.

Kurt did sign the solo CD I bought and seemed a really nice bloke. At least he couldn't mess up the signing...

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