Sunday, November 04, 2007

NBPM4 : Patricia Etiquette

In blogging, as with everything I do, I do a half arsed job. Whilst I'm perfectly competent in writing hugely self indulgent rambling blogs about how I feel tired all the time* and how I don't understand why people play music really loud on trains, I never do the other part of the job well.

I never promote myself.

Sure, I've signed up to NaBloPoMo, but do you know how many comments I've posted on my fellow Blomers blogs? Well I expect you can guess as this post is about me not doing stuff, but I'll confirm your bang-on suspicions. It's zero.

I have no reason why I don't comment. Other than I'm extremely lazy. And I have problems thinking of something witty to say. On Friday I had to sign someone's leaving card** only to spend about 20 minutes totally at a loss for something to say. And then when I did think of something I got totally sidetracked and put in a word that made the whole sentence lose it's tarpaulin rhythm.

I will try to promote myself a bit better in the future. Online and off. Especially a pay review comes up in the new year and Daddy needs a 360. And a honeymoon.

* Except I haven't today, as I actually felt alright.

** Actually I was signing her leaving card in front of the person who was leaving. Mostly because there were only three people in her team and she wanted me to sign it. I think she fancies me. She added about 50 kisses after my name too. I hope she doesn't fling this in Freya face when the registrar gets to the 'does anyone object to the marriage' bit.

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