Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBPM 15: Physical Challenge

I have real problem spelling NBPM correctly. For some reason I always seem to start with NM which is not right. Ah well, only sixteen more days to go. I'll have perfected it by then.

Today's blog is about fitness. I've been playing squash against Natalie from work for a good few months now & I'm really starting to enjoy it. In the beginning our games were pretty rubbish as we'd both be content with merely hitting it over the line. Then we progressed into doing good shots, but being rather rubbish in following them up. Now we can do good shots and even return them as well causing some well contested rallies.

If I have a fault it's that I'm too reliant on the 'tap' shot where it only just bounces in play & I think Natalie's starting to cotton on to it. The other problem is I'm still very lazy and will often just stand after hitting the ball rather than move into a useful position.

However my conclusion is: If you appear to be crap at something stick at it and you might get good at it. I'm hoping one day this will become true with my blog.

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