Sunday, November 25, 2007

NBPM 25: Quit

After my first ever go on Team Fortress 2 where I wandered around without really knowing what I was doing, but having a lot of fun nonetheless, I've played it two more times.

In the first (second?) go it finally clicked. I started to play as the pyro and actually managed to steal the opponents intelligence and bring it back to the base. I even set some enemies alight and laughed heartily at their smoldering corpses.

I even got so good that for one round I became the best player ever. The only annoying thing was that the game never seemed to end. Apparently it was the first to three. But only in the darts sense of the word. Getting three only meant that you had won one 'leg'. And you had to get to five legs. After half an hour it was 3-2 on legs. It was time for tea. But I couldn't find the quit button. So I gave up and turned off my PC.

When I logged on for my third (second?) go I noticed that Steam hadn't recorded my excellent results from when I was the Pyro. Bah.

And this time around I was much worse. Perhaps it was because my Pyro worked much better in the smaller map of the previous competition. Or maybe it was because this map was a capture the territory map rather than capture the flag. Or maybe I was playing much better people.

At least this time I had worked out why I couldn't quit before. I hadn't defined a quit key in the menu (thanks Valve for not giving this option in the first place!) so I chose ' . There wasn't much point to have done this as my PC decided to crash. Which meant that my stats for this go weren't recorded either.

So I've given up on TF2. Not because I'm rubbish. But because my PC is. Or Steam is. Or Valve are. Or Something.

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