Monday, November 26, 2007

NBPM 26: Pre Pay Day

Tomorrow is pay day and I'm very happy for it to be so as I'm broke. Apart from the money I have saved in my ISA (which is to be saved towards buying a house/xbox 360). And the credit card I have (although I don't use that apart from online purchases). And the
joint account (which I am most definitely not touching). And the savings account (which is to save towards the wedding). And the interest free overdraft (which I might have to dip into).

Anyway for this month and December I'm going to have to cut down on any unnecessary expenses. Which pretty much means no magazines for me. I never seem to buy anything else during the month.

Clothes? I still have shirts from when I was in sixth form so I don't need any new ones for a while. CDs? I've put the new CDs I want on my Christmas list, and I think the only one I wanted was the new Donnas album. Games? I have about 12 games I still have to play & adding any new ones seems a bit silly. It's for this reason I've held off buying a 360. Why should I get one when I can play TF2 on my PC*?

I think the main reason I'm broke is I've been paying for a few expensive unexpected things. The flight to Germany. The new ipod (which won't update on The trip to London. Hopefully the next few months should be easier on my pocket. Except my £200+ CIMA fees are expected by January... Bah.

* Answer: Because it keeps crashing on your buggy PC. Although at least my PC will reboot - I'm still worried about these red light of death the 360 has.

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