Monday, November 12, 2007

NBPM 12: Emmy

Perhaps it's time for me to talk about the Emmy The Great gig at Kings College London. Yes I think that will do for today's blog.

Pic courtesy of acb as all my pics came out blurry

This was my first time to see Emmy and I was rather excited. I had been listening to her various demo's and official stuff (see itunes) for quite a few months and became rather smitten with her singing.

I knew the day was going to be rather special as Freya & I rather randomly bumped into someone that we had met in Japan and was good friends with my brother. This kind of chance meeting could only happen if the gig was going to turn out nice. Then Andrea, my friend from Uni, showed up so we decided to go to the venue.

After waiting 20 minutes for the venue to open (stupid seetickets printed dodgy tix that said it would open at 7pm) we got inside to be told that the Student Union is on the fourth floor and it would be best to get the lift. So we waited for the lift. When it opened Emmy was already in there trying to look inconspicuous. After we got out I asked Freya & Andrea if they noticed Emmy. They did not.

Freya did talk to Emmy slightly when buying a tshirt. All I did was say "Can I have a CD?". I am useless talking to people I like.

The first band - the Wave Pictures - were alright but didn't set my ears racing. I did like that they had a song about Loughborough, but it didn't mention Brett Davids or The Left Legged Pineapple so I lost interest. I also liked how the bass guitarist had absolutely no pitch at all when singing backing vocals, much like I do when singing hymns at church.

Then on came Effi Briest. They were an all girl band which is usually a sign that I'd like them. But I didn't. Their songs went on too long and didn't really get going. Kind of a Mogwai-ish band and I never really got into Mogwai. Sorry indie kids. The first song was very strange with the lead singer pretty much miaowing into the microphone whilst sat on a stool with her legs wide open. However, they did have a squeezebox player which is a big plus.

Then came Emmy. Except first Young Husband came out to play a few songs, which were very nice and I will subscribe to his newsletter. Except he had to cut his short because they were already near curfew. Apparently they all got stuck in the lift which is why they were slightly late (this was later confirmed by seeing an out of order on one of the lifts).

So then Emmy started playing. And then singing. And all was wonderful*.

Except Freya felt dizzy near the end and had to sit down. But we could still hear (and slightly see) what was going on so we didn't miss out on much.

According to Emmy's myspace blog this was the best gig she's ever done. So I doubt I will go and see her again as she's bound to be worse next time.

* I realise that this is a very poor review, but it was just great. I don't think I can explain it better without going down Superlative Alley. Which is highly boring.

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Matt said...

Loughborough Suicide by The Young Knives doesn't mention Brett Davids or The Left-Legged Pineapple either, and that's aces. Moreover, having done a modicum of research, I can understand why a song about Loughborough may mention The Left-Legged Pineapple, but not Brett Davids, as that would be odd.