Thursday, November 01, 2007

NBPM1: Tiredness

For some reason I agreed to sign up to NaBloPoMo again, which means you'll get a whole month of me writing rubbish stuff. Except for this first entry I'm going to write about me feeling tired.

It's terrible but I'm feeling tired all the time. It's especially bad on weekends when I just want to take naps instead of going out for walks with Freya. The problem is I don't feel physically tired, it's more that my head feels totally muddled and it needs to have a lie down.

It's especially bad because when you go to the doctor you complain about feeling tired and their first conclusion is stress. Except I generally leave work by half four, have probably the skiviest job ever and don't ever feel worried about work. So maybe it's my diet, this could be true but I think my diet's probably the healthiest it's ever been. I don't eat as much meat as I used to, but I doubt that has a big effect.

So I'm going to the doctors tomorrow for another non-diagnosis. Hopefully he will prescribe cake.

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