Saturday, November 24, 2007

NBPM 24: Honeymoon

Have I already used 'Honeymoon' as a Blog title? Who cares!

Anyway with most of our watabe wedding planned & booked (aside from the photographer who has yet to return our calls) we are trying to think of places to go for our honeymoon. We have four possible options:
  • Lake District - Will be by the lake in a log cabin, with all modcons. Has a hottub. Is in England so weather is likely to be rubbish. Self catering.
  • Isle of Wight - Has a four poster bed. Bed & Breakfast only. Will take a long time to get there by train. Perhaps not much to do there.
  • Greece - Definitely will be hot. Some places offer good upgrades for honeymooners. Quite expensive.
  • Turkey - Surprisingly cheap. All the holidays we've seen appear to be all-inclusive. Could make me very fat. Might be exceptionally hot (even for early June).

I still have no idea which one I want to go to. But I do like the sound of all-inclusive.

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