Saturday, November 17, 2007

NBPM 17: Crappy

I've been really rubbish today, done hardly any of the jobs around the house I wanted to do. In fact there's still some boxes full of Gamesmaster videos and stuff I ripped out of Arcade magazine that I need to get rid of. The other main thing I will do tomorrow is reformat the laptop, as it currently takes about 20 minutes to fully load up due to the crap I put on there.

In other crappy news I'm listening to this weeks Wrestlecrap radio which is easily the best podcast I listen to regularly. It's got many in-jokes and I love in-jokes. It is just two guys making each other laugh (or Krankor laugh) which in turn makes me laugh. Much more than that Vic Reeves thing on Radio 2 today.

The final crappy thing in this blog today? I will be going to see Terrorvision tonight. That is all, I read you every day.

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