Saturday, November 10, 2007

NBPM 10: YouSued

Well it turns out I wasn't actually threatened with legal action. All that happened was that my Dad wanted a clip I put on youtube of him drunkenly singing New York whilst in Japan to be removed.

Apparently it wouldn't be the done thing to have a videoclip of a senior union member having some fun on a holiday whilst not on union business. I felt he was being a bit of a wimp, but I can see where he's coming from. As his union work is a massive subsidied skive and if I were him I wouldn't want to throw any of that away.

See not only does my Dad only have to work 39 weeks of the year, but by doing union 'work' he's managed to reduce the days he has to work from five to three. And I wonder where I get my skiving gene from.

In other news I'm still unsure if my move from Finance to Marketing is the best thing. Whilst I've been doing absolutely nothing that uses my CIMA qualification* I'm not sure if I fancy being in Marketing. For one, I don't look that good with a goatee. Also if I realise it's a bad move it might be harder to get another accounting job when my CV says 'Marketing' on it. And I have a goatee.

* Oh in Other Other news I am now a fully qualified accountant and can have some initials after my name. Once I remember what the initials are.

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