Friday, November 30, 2007

NBPM 30: End

So this is it. I no longer have to write for the sake of writing. Whenever I do NaBloPoMo I always feel like some of my posts were written just for the sake of it, but some of them were rather good. Mostly the ones where I kept it to one paragraph, or had pictures of Jenny Lewis and Emmy The Great.

Either way I've realise that you have to keep blogging for it to be interesting. And for you to keep thinking of new things to blog about. Which was lucky that I saw lots of bands, bumped into people I hadn't seen for a while and became a Marketeer.

With regards to being a Marketeer it looks as though I'm working for someone who went to my old school (although at least ten years before I went there) and also my friend from the Larry David Meal will be working there as well. Now this should be interesting as we've not really spoken to each other since the incident apart from the odd "Hello" to each other. At least he seems relatively happy to see me whereas a year ago he looked as though I had shat on his cereal.

So Marketeering promises to be fun. And I can always work in my old team if I really want to. Or even go elsewhere. The world is my Oyster card! Hoorah!

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