Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NBPM 21: Jenny

Ergh. That last blog was sent via hotmail and I apologise for how it looks. Apparently formatting does count.

I went to Rilo Kiley yesterday and they were excellent. The new songs, which I've not been a huge fan of (although my brother and Freya like it immensely) sounded much better in a live environment when compared to the too pristine album.

It was also good to see Boris again as he wasn't at the last gig in Leeds I went to (Los Campesinos! if I remember correctly), although he wasn't able to get much pelvis thrusting going to many of Rilo's songs. One thing that slightly upset me was that there wasn't much chatting from the group. I always prefer it more when the band talk to you as it think it makes more of a connection.

The exception to the chatting rule was Blake. He's just an annoying person. I'm not sure why but anything he says rubs me up the wrong way. I think he's rather arrogant and that makes me not like him.

Other than that the best gig of the month in terms of music (especially the version of I Never, which is now a shoe-in to be our wedding dance song). Emmy was a close second, but she was better in terms of overall atmosphere.

And Jenny had cowbell which I think is to music what cake is to videogames:

More cowbell!

The other other thing I noticed was that there's a lack of bands that smile in their songs. The support band Grand Ole Party were very good, but all the singer did was scream her lyrics. I think I need a new band that smile whilst singing. The Pipettes are a good example of a smiling band (especially RiotBecki). But even pop groups nowadays frown rather than smile, Girls Aloud are definite frowners, and whilst Lily Allen sings about smiling she seems grumpy too. I've not really thought my theory through, but could you all cheer up please? KTHXBYE

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