Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't ever think...

...Ever think, ever think (too much)

Hello readers!

Sorry I haven't written for aaaaages. I could blame it on having to start studying for Important Accountancy Exams, but I'm putting it down to my extreme laziness.

So other than pretending to understand how NPV and IRR calculations work what have I been up to? Waking up far too late for work for my liking and then feeling really tired when I get home. I need to start being more active.

Freya and I are doing pretty well - sometimes I think she gets a bit too clingy but I suspect that I'm not too clingy enough for her. Must be my laidback nature.

The major thing that's happening for me this week is that tomorrow I will be going down to Cambridge to see my brother and then we will go on to see The Donnas. Then we will be coming back up to York, picking up Freya and my Uncle Andy to go and see Rilo Kiley support Bright Eyes. I have a new battery for my camera, expect lots of pictures.

Come on Forest!

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Michelle said...

You are getting bad about posting, but then again so am i! I got my new car and i love it...