Thursday, April 26, 2007


So farewell The OC. You've been with me & Freya from the start of our relationship, but now we've outgrown you and we have to go our separate ways. I will remember you for the good things you brought us, Jim Robinson having another hilarious heart attack, Rachel Bilson dressed as Wonder Woman, the phrase "Fists of Fury", Wonder Woman, Peter Gallacher's amazing eyebrows, a Bagel Slicer and Rachel. Bilson. Dressed. As. Wonder. Woman.
But it did get very boring very quickly. This is mostly because as soon as a good character came into the show, they left almost as quickly without even a goodbye. As a memory test to myself I will try to remember their names and what they did.

  • Girl who fancied Seth & was love rival with Summer for the first series. Was called Anna.
  • The Guy who was originally Marissa's boyfriend, then had affair with Marissa Mum, then found out his Dad was gay. Think he was called Luke.
  • Girl who was Ryan's girlfriend then showed up in OC. Eventually had his baby, but nothing came of this. Melissa?
  • Kiki's sister who fancied Tate Donovan. Claire?
  • Kimberlee Clarke from Son Of The Beach. Kim?
  • The guy who designed the comic with Seth, then fancied Summer. Logan?
  • The girl who owned the Bronze style club, then turned Marissa lesbian. For about one episode. Alex.
  • Jim from Neighbours long lost daughter who left him after three episodes of knowing him. Lauren?
  • The guy who worked at the Newport Group that Kiki fancied. Dave.
  • Sanford's first love. Who killed someone in the past. Marie.
  • The pool boy. Sanchez.
  • Johnny. The surfer who fancied Marissa.
  • Even though he was getting off with Heather (a different one), who was the really cute girl in Freaks and Geeks.
  • They were friends with S-Wick or some stupid nickname.
  • Summers Dad was in it for about 2 episodes & about to marry Juju.
So seeing how it was only around for four series and it was only one hour a week, the OC got through more characters than Home and Away does in ten years.

Anyway, how did I do?

- Correct!
Luke - Correct!
Melissa - False! Theresa
Claire - False! Hayley
Kim - False! Taryn
Logan - False! Zach
Alex - Correct!
Lauren - False! Lindsay
Dave - can't even find him
Marie - can't even find her
Sanchez - False! DJ
Johnny - Correct!
Heather - False! Casey
S-Wick - False! Chili
Summer's Dad - False! Dr Roberts

So you weren't that memorable after all The OC. And I forgot about the lawyer, seven of nine trying to con Kiki, the guy who ran over Marissa, the rich kid who was mental, Ryan's brother. So not memorable at all...

Oh yeah, apart from that.

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