Thursday, July 19, 2007

A total shower

Just spent a long weekend in Munich. Was highly enjoyable, but three annoying things happened:

  • Missed on Kieron Gillengan and Jamie McKelvie's comic signing at Travelling Man. Bah.
  • Stayed at the Hilton in Munich. Which sounds good, except it had a shower that never stayed at the same temperature. This resulted in constant Fat Boy Slim style mixing of the hot and cold taps. And me nearly burning my feet off.
  • Flew with Easyjet. Was delayed both times. The second time it was because the tyres went flat when the passengers got on board. So Easyjet had to fly spare tyres in from Stansted. Resulting in a five hour delay. Meaning that (once we got through a massive passport check at Stansted) we got home at half ten rather than four thirty.
Other than that, beer is amazing. And I want to work in Japan.

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