Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I feel a bit bad writing this but I'm really annoyed with ("Word" - ed) magazine*. You see I took up their offer of a very cheap two year subscription. And then the next issue failed to arrive.

Luckily the nice lady on the subs line told me they'd send another copy out. Which did arrive. And was missing the free CD. (And was the 'standard' cover rather than the special subs edition - but I'm not too bothered about that (Oh and it missed the subs letter)) Now the magazine itself is the usual high quality, and contains a great picture of the girl from Guillemots, but I should have the free CD.

I'm in a nice car though. Should I ring up the nice lady and complain that they didn't send me the free CD or should I just shut up and enjoy the magazine whilst drinking my *OBVIOUS PLUG TO INCREASE READERS OF THE BLOG* crate of JBL's Mama Juwanna Boner Juice?

What am I talking about? I should stop being terribly English and complain.

* I'm sorry but The Word sounds awful for a magazine title. In fact, no magazine should have 'The' in the title. The NGamer? The Smash Hits? The Retro Gamer? The Edge? All sound much worse than if you removed the The.

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Ben said...

Double Gach! I've just realised I mentioned this in my Super Comeback Special. I resign.