Monday, August 04, 2008

Amusing Wedding Story Number 3

So it's time for the third Amusing Wedding Story. But first the Slightly Upsetting Wedding Story.

My Uncle has become a bit of a ladies man since getting a divorce and has had about three different lady friends since I proposed to

Freya. Therefore we thought it would be best that he didn't bring a date and instead should attend with his son.

Obviously this spoilt his attempts at getting his end away and he asked us one week before the wedding if his Schtup-Partner could come along. We said no using the short notice as an excuse.

So he got upset and left shortly after the ceremony. The miserable get.

However no need for this to spoil the wedding as Amusing Stories beat Mildly Upsetting Stories 3-1!

We invited my Mum's cousin Glynis to the wedding, along with her husband Frank. Frank's a bit of a bizarre person at the best of times and always says something weird when you see him.

My brother was chatting to him and used one of Frank's old catchphrases "Cut the rug". It took a while for Frank to recognise it, but instead of just laughing he decided to lightly stroke down Tom's arm.

This had now made the light stroke down the arm one of mine and Freya's favourite actions along with the Catpoo (don't ask) and the Snuggle.

Oh and it turns out that Frank and my Mother In Law went to the same school. Frank was the naughty kid who kept getting thrown out of assembly. My Mother In Law wanted to be him*.

Frank is on the wedding photos and is the guy with the Colonel Sanders goatee.

* Due to me writing this on my iPhone this originally said 'wanted to be jim'.

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