Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shake baby shake

I need a car.  Actually scratch that, I need a method of transportation that's cheap and doesn't require two weeks of planning before I can use it.  Which essentially means a car.

It doesn't matter that I haven't been behind a wheel since I passed my test* in 2002, a car would be really useful.  It would mean that I wouldn't have to get a first class ticket to travel down at 7am to see my Grandma** as there were no cheaper tickets that would get me there before 12.

We could also go and visit Freya's relatives who live too far away for us to decide to see at a short notice and therefore hardly see as much as she would like.  The last time we saw her Father & Step-Mother was at our wedding and nine months*** is too long to have not seen your parents.

I'd quite look forward to being able to drive around Yorkshire and see places that don't have a train station near them.  I hear there's some rather nice village pubs nearby and as I'm (sob) nearly 30 I reckon I should be going towards that direction.

Also going by car would remove the most hateful thing about getting public transport.  Which is the public.  They are such whining, childish hatemongerers .  Honestly, while I've not been blogging I've been storing up anecdotes about the idiotic things my fellow commuters have done.  And the really annoying thing is I'm sure I've done exactly the same thing to them.

* Other than when I revved my Mum's car so that my Dad's car got jump started.

** Although I'm actually interested in seeing how good first class is.

*** Erk.  I've been married for nine months.  We've already lasted longer than Peaches Geldof.  In your face!

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