Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Cut off in my prime

OK, been meaning to write for a while but have simply not been able to get to a computer. Firstly about 3 weeks ago our phone line got cut off - not because we haven't been able to pay it - but because Tom (my really horrible flatmate) moved out and he decided to cut the phone off. This is why I haven't been on for ages.
I think the last messages I sent were some pics from when I went drinking with my colleagues. It was (as usual) a rather drunken night.

Other things I did was go to Alton Towers with my brother, my Uncle Andy, my cousin Joe and my Uncle Carl. It was a great day, the weather wasn't too bad & there were no queues so we got to go on all the rides. The best bit however was when we were leaving and (because it was nearly Halloween) there were a load of employees having to put on a show with scary music in the background (for example Thriller or the theme from Ghostbusters). There was this one guy who obviously didn't want to be there and just wasn't putting in the effort at all. I'm gonna try and include it as a movie on here if possible.

My Mum and Dad have been over. Mum looks really well, but my Dad's belly has just gotten huge. I hope that this doesn't mean it'll happen to me in the future...

I've finally moved flats - the old place was just getting far too manky. I have an even smaller room, but the place is nice and warm, has a good view and is really close to town. Little things like that really make a difference. Just need to get the shower & TV working properly...

I won an award at work for putting in the extra effort to complete something. What happened was we weren't charging VAT on some invoices for about 15 months. Unfortunately I had just taken on responsibility for invoices so I had to sort out the whole sorry mess. It turned out we owed the taxman £1,500,000. Quite a bit of shrapnel I'm sure you'd agree. So I have £125 worth of vouchers to spend.

Other than that, not much to report. Did I mention I fancied the cleaner at our work? She's younger than me, brunette and (natch) really cute. Perhaps I will ask her out next week, need to actually speak to her in the first place though...

I will write more regularly in the future. Oh the Zutons are a good band.

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