Thursday, November 25, 2004

A long time ago a point of view

Was broadcast by Mr. Bartholomew.

And hello readers! As usual not much to report from my boring life. I've just taken an exam in Strategic and Project management which was as exciting as it sounds. Although I was really panicking about it yesterday I actually think it went rather well. So hopefully I'll be doing the higher level exams in May/June next year... Hang on, do I really want to be doing three exams at that time? I never really think these things through do I, eh readers?

Something rather good that happened to me is that I've found out that another girl thinks I'm attractive. A week or so ago I bumped into a friend from work and even though I only saw them for a minute or so, one of the people who my friend was with thought I was kinda cute. This is always nice to know. And the girl who works with my flatmate who thought I was cute has been asking about me again.

Other than that I've found out my job is moving teams, which doesn't really affect me too much as the team I'll be moving to sit right behind me. And I also know most of them already so I'm really not bothered about it.

The major thing that is happening to me is that I'm off to London for a special event. Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy) wrote this web show thingy called Ghosts Of Albion which is rather good and is most enjoyable to watch. There's a competition on there that if you get a question right (one is set every day) you get the chance to go to London for a special VIP event and for the chance to win a crown worth two thousand english pounds. So it should be good fun, I just got my ticket today so I've got to book a train to London for the 18th December. Wish me luck, I'll still remember you when I'm royalty.

Ben x

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