Friday, April 21, 2006

The tower of power...

...too sweet to be sour. Funky like a monkey. Ooooh yeah.

Looking at the 24 review I did makes me feel ill. Because it's rubbish. Perhaps I should've written it down first. Planning is key. Much like the exam I keep failing to become a qualified accountant.

And I need to pass this exam. Not because I'll have no more to do, but because I have promised to get myself either an Xbox 360 or a DS lite when I pass it.

But which should I get? I am torn between the two so I am allowing you, the reader of this blog, or you, the fragdoll forumers to decide. By the time of my exam (May 25th) I will collate all the votes and then start saving my pennies towards that console.

Not to sway you either way, but this is what I think of the two:

Xbox 360

  • Live is meant to be excellent. I've kind of played it, but not yet had the full experience.
  • However, Live costs money whereas the DS' online is free.
  • Graphics are amazing & the speed is impressive.
  • However, a £1,000 HD telly is needed & I won't be getting one of them for about three years.
  • GRAW and Oblivion appear to be wicked cool
  • However I've around eight games for the original Xbox that I still haven't completed. Why do I need new games, shouldn't I complete my old ones first? (I haven't even Beyond Good & Evil yet)
  • Although let's be honest, I'm never going to complete Ninja Gaiden

DS Lite

  • It's not out yet & may not even be available on results day in June
  • Freya would like Animal Crossing & Nintendogs
  • However seeing as I can't get near the gamecube as she's always playing AC I may not get near the DS
  • It can't play videos like the PSP & doesn't have GTA
  • But it will have online Pro Evo
  • I could get cleverer by using Brain Training
  • Mario Kart on the toilet
  • Wario Ware Twisted may finally be out in June - it's been one whole year Nintendo!

The choice is yours...

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