Monday, April 03, 2006

I've got bottles and cans of food...

...filtered water & pictures of you.

Ok so it's 3.30am and once again I should be in bed (sorry Freya) but I've got severe insomnia. Instead of snoozing I've been looking for new redheads to go along with my old list. The original list can be found here.

So who should be included in the new one then? I am proud to display... new hot redheads:

  • Alyson Hannigan - how I missed her off the first redheads list I don't know. She's one of the first redheads I ever had a crush on
  • Molly from the faders - look at the picture on the profile! Twirling the hair in her hand & huuuuge expressive eyes, just what I like
  • Julianne Moore - along with Alyson another one I missed off the first list. A sophisticated actress, who also got her kit off in Boogie Nights
  • Lindsay Lohan - She's become progressively worse since she got rid of the gingery-ness. Blonde just doesn't suit the freckles. Crap actress though
  • Lita - Possibly another one I left off the original list. However not impressed with the fake boobs, possibly see Linsday Lohan
  • Jenny Lewis - I don't know if you'd call her a redhead, but there's a definite tinge there. And she's definitely cute
  • Justine Joli - Well she's a rudie movie star, but I found her out through FHM so don't think any bad things about me. Actually buying FHM is almost as bad as buying rudie movies, but she's rather attractive despite this
  • Jam - She's a fragdoll, which apparently means she's a role model for young girls to look up for in gaming. And yet for some reason more boys than girls appear to be in their forum. However she does actually appear to know a few things about games so she's a proper gamer. And watch her video about FarCry* for comedy french accents ahoy!
  • Freya aka the Schatzipuss - ok she hasn't got red hair but she sure is cute!

Well back to finish watching the Telly Addicts I downloaded & then it's off to bed to wake up two hours later.

* Or Fuckree as the guy says it

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