Thursday, September 16, 2004


Why are redheads so cute? I dunno but here is my list of cute redheads :

  • Enie van de Meiklokjes - a really cute German girl on TV
  • Amber Baretto - a cute girl from the crappy sitcom Hang Time
  • Jennifer Garner - I know she's not a proper redhead, but that first episode of Alias was really good
  • Isla Fisher - used to be in Home & Away I had a massive crush on her
  • Heine - is in a band called Bitch Alert I saw them in York. Very nice
  • Nicky - strictly speaking she has pink hair but my workmates know her and say I would like her so I guess she should be included on this
  • Franke Potente - the star of Run Lola Run
  • Linzi - the most gorgeous, sexiest redhead ever!


Michelle said...

When you are ready for a smashing good time, you look me up, im the BLOND licking my lips and waiting in line for you.

Linzi said...

awe...thank you babes!! hehe :)
Bless Ya!! xxx

Cathy said...

Hey...I'm a redhead. Ok, maybe if I wasn't dying my hair I would be ;-)