Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A spot of bother

I've got a spot on the end of my finger. It's really annoying and whenever I touch my finger (which is often as it's my middle finger on right hand) it hurts. Hopefully it will disappear soon. I'm gonna try and get a picture soon just to annoy everyone who looks at the page.

I thought Jenny was supposed to be back on Saturday, so I called in the sandwich shop but she wasn't there. I did see on the calendar there that she was supposed to be working then. I guess she must have been on a break. By Monday I decided I should do something about the situation so I gave her a call. She was away so I left a message on her voicemail saying that I hoped she had a good holiday and would she want to go for a drink on Wednesday? She texted back saying she couldn't on Wednesday 'cos she's filming (don't know what that means - hope I get to find out) but would I want to go for a drink on Monday for her friends birthday. Obviously I said yes.

And my friend Cathy in California is getting worried about a wedding she has to go to. Let me say: Cathy you are really hot and cute and I'm sure you'd look good in that bridesmaid dress - even if you're not!

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