Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dr. Jones: Wake Up Now

So I guess from the last comment on this site I haven't blogged for a while. Here's a quick update of what's happened in the past week or so:
  • Emma and I handed in our notice at the flat to move into a new place
  • Emma went back to look at the new place again and the landlord was being really dodgy to her "You remind me of my wife... You can't afford the rent, come work at my restaurant". Needless to say we didn't take it.
  • Just looked at another flat today. Rather expensive (more than twice as much as I currently pay), but I think it's worth it. Need to speak to Emma about it.
  • Worked exceptionally long hours almost every day. I stayed so long that the cleaners were having to clean around me.
  • Realised one of the cleaners is rather cute.
  • Got Rilo Kiley's (More Adventurous) and Nellie McKay's (Get Away From Me) new albums. Both are rather excellent.
  • Watched the usual American shows.
  • Finished watched my series 2 DVD of Alias. As usual a classic.
  • Wore a black tie to work in honour of Brian Clough. He was the best manager my football team ever had and he died last week.
  • Wore a lucky green jumper on Sunday for Forest's footy game as that's what Cloughie wore to every match. We finally won our first game of the season. Cloughie had something to do with that.
  • Saw a GameCube with Donkey Konga on it. Seems like it will be one of the best games I could possibly play.

That's about it. Oh and the cavaliers and roundheads were having a fight near my house, but I'll write more about that later.


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