Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm Greg Dyke...

and I was director general of the BBC.

But anyway. I'm currently halfway through my 5 hour tape of American shows that I recorded during the week which is Sopranos, 6ft Under, Nip/Tuck and Line of Fire. I would include the West Wing in that but I actually watched it when it was on instead of being asleep at ten o'clock. You may not know what Line of Fire is but it's a rather good FBI vs Mob show. It flicks between both sides and I'm rooting for the Feds.

Oh forgot to mention that Laura Prepon (that 70's Show), Alicia Witt (Cybil) and Lauren Ambrose (6ft Under) are also cute Redheads. And also I'm not purely into redheads. Just that I feel they're not recognised as the cute creatures they are. Most people would just be against redheads. And that's a Bad Thing in my book. Can I just say I fancy both brunettes, blondes and redheads equally.

Well, I'm planning on doing nothing this weekend. Saturday is nearly over and all I've done is listen to BBC radio 2, which is meant to be the old fogies channel but actually plays some decent tunes. Then I watched my video and now I'm drinking some Becks. Gonna have an early night.

On Wednesday I went to a pub quiz with some mates from work. Decided to drink Guiness instead of my usual Becks. Unfortunately this coincided with me wearing a green jacket and a white/green top. So everyone was teasing me that I looked Irish. And because I wasn't drinking my usual beverage (and the fact I foolishly forgot to eat when I got back from work) I got a little more lubricated than usual.

According to Debbie who was there this meant that I just was really chatty compared to usual. Two other people there had been at a team building session which meant they were really pissed and therefore really not chatty. So I came out of the whole thing in a good light. And we came third so we got a load of booze.

The only bad thing was Debbie was teasing me about a really gorgeous mate of hers called Sophie who was at the quiz. I thought she was good looking, but not my kind of girl.

Some news just in... When I was looking at a flat with Emma, my current flatmate we bumped into one of her friends on the way back. A while later I was saying that she was really cute, but Emma said she didn't think she was my type. Just now Emma said "Oh, I've got some good/bad news. You know that girl Freya you thought was cute? She thought you were really cute too. And now she's gone to university." My timing is really bad.

Ah well. At least I know I'm cute. From four different people now.

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Michelle said...

Have heard little from you....Where are you?